Robinson’s Appliances tandems with towards a stronger e-Commerce footprint in the Philippines

Robinson's Appliances Joined Lazada

Manila, Philippines – Lazada’s 3rd birthday will definitely not go without a bang. On top of the 3-day sale extravaganza from March 24-26, the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall announces its tandem with the Robinson’s Appliances towards building a stronger e-Commerce footprint in the country.

MS Excel Tips & Tricks: Top 5 Excel Shortcuts

Using shortcuts in MS Excel
It is undeniable that MS Excel is one of the widely used software in the world whether at home or at work. And if you are one of the millions of Excel users, depending on the level of your expertise, you might find keyboard shortcuts as the best way to work faster in MS Excel and even in other software.

How to Resize Images in Photoshop at Once Automatically (Part 1 of 2)

How to Resize Images in Photoshop at Once Automatically (Part 1 of 2)
The purpose of this How-To article is to describe in details the process of automating the batch-resizing of images using the Photoshop software. That is, if you have a large collection of raw images, especially if you are a photographer, you might find the need to re-size the images to decrease their dimension and file size.
For the smooth processing of the images, for the purpose of this demo, you need to do the preparatory steps below.

Preparing the photos for processing

How to count unique values in a column based on 2 conditions (in different columns)

How to count unique values in a column based on 2 conditions

I just want to share a sample worksheet in Excel where you might find helpful in your work. The worksheet does exactly what the title says: "counting unique values" in one column based on the conditions in other columns.

This is especially useful if you are working on raw data especially those exported from your accounting systems or inventory systems and data are just tabulated in columns which of course contains several duplicates. When you are to count such unique data, this worksheet can be helpful.   

(SOLVED) All contacts in Windows Live Mail are gone or not syncing

Windows Live Mail contacts missing
Consider this scenario: You have been using Windows Live Mail for quite a long time. Everything is working fine and you just loved it. After several months or even years of using it, you have accumulated a lot of email addresses or contacts in your Windows Live Mail.
Then suddenly a disaster came. You opened Windows Live Mail one day and all your contacts are gone. You accessed your email account on the web and all contacts are intact there. But not in Windows Live Mail.
Then you start blaming Microsoft. LOL!

How to Watch FREE Live Streaming of Cricket World Cup 2015

How to Watch FREE Live Streaming of Cricket World Cup 2015
This is good news to the lovers of the Cricket sports! Yes, you can watch the Cricket World Cup 2015 streaming for free using free streaming services on the links below.
These services are available in Pakistan, but when you are using Google Chrome, you can install the free plugin called "Hola Better Internet" so that you can bypass the geo-restrictions of the free streaming services.

A closer look at the world's leading project management software: TEAMWORK

A closer look at TEAMWORK, the world's leading project management software
TeamworkPM as the world's leading online Project Management (PM) software is packed with features that every project manager, collaborator and member needs. In today's world that is fast paced with technology, project management is getting more and more complex.

How to extract the unique values or data in a column with duplicate data

How to extract unique data in a column
Suppose you have a spreadsheet at work and one of the columns contain a huge list of account numbers being exported from your company's accounting system that contains a lot of duplicates. And you are tasked to extract the UNIQUE account numbers in this huge list.

[SOLVED] Cannot open any emails in Windows Live Mail 2012. Cannot reply to emails as well

Windows Live Mail problem solved
Millions of Microsoft Windows users are also using its free email client called Windows Live Mail 2012, the new email client after Outlook Express in Windows XP was discontinued. Also, this Windows Live Mail 2012 is only one of the programs in the free software suite called Windows Essentials 2012.

Get Microsoft Windows 10 as a FREE upgrade!

Upgrade for free to Windows 10

The leading Operating System company - Microsoft - announced Wednesday, that it will offer free upgrades to its newest Windoes version, called Windows 10.


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