Word 2007/2010: Using a Macro to Automatically Format Tables in a Document

If you are working with an MS Word document that contains several tables, you might need a way to automate some tasks. Tasks that can be automated includes formatting the tables in the document. For intance, the tasks that you can automate are those that are repeatitive tasks. This includes formatting text, formatting the table headers, setting text alignments, and many others.

Word macro

Excel 2007/2010: The imaginary cell borders are gone. How to show it back?

We are used to seeing cells in MS Excel with a light gray borders. These are called "grid lines". They are just there as a default behavior of MS Excel to provide visual boundaries among cells. These grid lines are NOT actually being printed by default, they are just visual aide to users to visually see the boundaries between cells.

Gridlines missing

HP BIOS and HDD password removal and recovery

If you have an HP computer, either it is a desktop, laptop, netbook or ultrabook, it is indeed a huge problem is you forgot your computer's BIOS password or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) password. The BIOS is password-protected for the purpose of restricting changes in your BIOS settings. On the other hand, the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is password protected to prevent the computer from being used by anyone except the owner who created the HDD password.

HP hard disk drive and BIOS password recovery

MS PowerPoint 2007/2010/2013: How to make slideshows FIT the whole screen eliminating the black borders

When you create your PowerPoint presentations, or when you watch PowerPoint slide shows, you may notice sometimes that the slides do not fit exactly into the screen. This is manifested by a big black vertical line in the right and left side of the screen. A sample screen shot below explains the scenario:

How to unlock user and owner passwords of a PDF file

A PDF (Portable Document Format) file is widely used today. The reason for this is because it is "portable", as the PDF file type is intended to be. With PDF files, computers, smartphones and other devices can open open them readily using a PDF reader. Examples of well known PDF reader software include Adobe Reader and FoxIt Reader.

unlocking pdf files

How to create and record a Macro in MS Word 2007/2010

What is a Macro?

By common definiton, a macro is just a shortcut to severak tasks that you do repeatedly. For instance, you are working with a document with a lot of tables.

recording word macros

Copying your existing contacts to Gmail

This article describes how you can add your existing address book or contacts to your Gmail account provided that the following conditions are true:

  1. You are using an email program like Thunderbird, MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 or others; and
  2. You are accessing your Gmail account using a web browser.

Importing contacts to Gmail

How to configure Gmail for POP3 and IMAP

When you are using a FREE version of Gmail, you can still add it to an email program like MS Outlook 2003/2007/2010, Mozilla Thunderbird and other email clients and be able to send and receive emails from their using POP3, SMTP and IMAP. Unlike Yahoo Mail, only paid versions called Yahoo Mail Plus can be added to a POP email client.

Configuring Gmail for POP and IMAP clients

Why is it important to set your computer's First Boot drive to the CD/DVD Drive?

Many of the computer users just use their computers. Plug it in, turn it on, then that's it. The operating system loads and all default settings are loaded and you have a working computer. However, behind the scene is the system BIOS chip with a BIOS software - the very first piece of software that runs when the system starts.

system BIOS showing boot order

MS Word: Extra page showing Filename, Directory, Template & other stuffs are printed

If you are having trouble printing your MS Word document because there is always an extra page printing last, the page which contains text information about the Filename, Directory, Template and other related information, the problem is not with your printer, not with your printer settings or the document being printed. The problem is in your MS Word settings itself.

Printing problem in MS Word


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