Viewing saved passwords stored in your Firefox web browser

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Most of the times, people tend to "remember" their passwords in the email accounts, social networkign accounts, and other online accounts through their web browser. In effect, when you access your account online, for instance, your email account, you NO LONGER need to enter the required password because the browser will simply supply it from the "remembered" password.

Peeking saved passwords in Firefox

Though this is an acceptable practice, there are various "dangers" that you will be facing. Here is the list:

  1. If you are used to NOT entering the password for your account for a long time, there is a very big tendency that you will forget the password because you rely that you are not required to enter the password to access the account. This has been the case of so many people expecting that their email accounts HAVE NO passwords because they were never prompted for a password before. All online accounts are protected by a password but remembering the password with the browser can make you think in the long run that the account has no password.
  2. When you clear the computer cached data, cookies and saved passwords, ALL saved passwords and online data will be removed. As a result, you need to manually enter the password in order to access the account. So when you forgot the password because you are used NOT to enter the password when you sign in, you are in trouble.
  3. You are prone to hacking. When your computer is infected with a malware, the malware can dig your computer for personal information including your login information saved in your web browser, cached data and cookies. When the malware was able to collect such information, it will then send the collected data to the hacker who created the malware and your accounts will then be hacked. If you did not save or remember your passwords with your browser, then the malwares should have not collected it.

It is NOT too late. If you are using Firefox and you did "remember" your passwords, you can view these passwords and record them somewhere for safekeeping in worst times that you forget your passwords.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open your Firefox web browser.

Step 2: Click on the Tools menu, then click on Options.

Firefox options

Step 3: Then click on the Security tab and then click on the Saved Passwords button.

Security tab

Step 4: In a new dialog box that opens, all website addresses where you have accounts with will be shown. Your usernames will be shown as well. Now click on the Show Passwords button.

show passwords

Step 5: In the prompt that you receive, click on YES to confirm the action.

Step 6: Then the dialog box will now show a "Password" column showing all passwords saved with their corresponding user names.