Using a Strong Password in Your Account to Avoid Being Hacked

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Thousands of email accounts are compromised or hacked every single day. The hacking can be accomplished in various ways. The most common way hackers take over other peoples' accounts are using a piece of code known as a malware. A malware can go unnoticed by antivirus programs it will dig information from your computer's cookies and other cached data to gather account information and send them back to the hacker.

the password meter

Besides the "malware" method of hacking email and other online accounts, the one big factor an account is easily hacked is the use of totally WEAK passwords.

Passwords are supposed to protect your account - an online bank account, a social media account, or an email account. However, bad practices in creating personal passwords give the hackers great opportunity to easily "crack" the password that you use. It is highly recommended that you do not include your maiden name, first name, family name or birth date in your password. These kinds of information when used as your password will make you vulnerable to hacking. Why? Because this kind of password is WEAK!

How to make your password STRONG?

Here are the common characteristics of a strong password:

  1. It is long, composed of 8 characters or more
  2. It contains a punctuation mark
  3. It contains a number
  4. It contains a lowercase letter
  5. It contains a capital letter

You can check your password strength using few well know password meter sites. What these sites offer is they compute the strength of your password and prompt you if it is weak or strong. Other sites also indicates the estimated length of time it requires for a hacker to GUESS your password.

Password Meter Sites:

    password meter site
    password strength calculator
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