Using to allow a computer expert to access your computer remotely

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If you want to allow a computer expert to troubleshoot the problems that you have with your computer, the best option for you is to allow remote access help. It is better, safer and faster way to get things done. For detailed information on the benefits of using remote access help for technical support, read this article.

remote access help

One of the best remote access tools avaliable today is It is developed by the leading remote desktop software developer called LogMeIn.

To get started with this tool, just go to the link

In the site's front or home page, locate and click on the orange play/arrow icon in the SHARE group to download the tool.

share group

You save the installer to your computer and then after the download, run it to install the remote access software.

download the installer

When the software is installed, it shall create a shortcut icon in your desktop.

joinme shortcut

Open the remote desktop tool by double clicking on the desktop shortcut. The software will launch and you have two (2) options available. First is to SHARE your computer with someone else, and the second is to JOIN someone else's computer. If you are the computer expert to access some else's computer, then you will use the JOIN box. If you are the client of the computer expert, you will use the SHARE box.

Join.Me interface

If you want to share your computer remotely with a computer expert click on the orange play/arrow icon to initiate a remote session. Wiat for the software to display something like the screen shot below:

share now with

When you see this screen, contact your computer expert, or the one whom you want to share your computer screen to, and give him the 9-digit code after In the sample above, the code is 784-650-810.

For someone who wants to connect to your computer, he just needs to enter the 9-digit code in the JOIN box and then click on the green play/arrow icon to initiate a remote access session.