Securing your computer from online threats

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Computers are never safe.

This is the fact that you need to convince yourself with. Specially when the computer is connected to a network, wireless or wired, corporate network or home network, you can never claim 100% security of your computer and the data stored in it.

What about the antivirus and other security software that promised to keep your system and data secure? Well, they only maximize your system's strength in blocking and fighting malicious attacks thus minimizing your computer and data from being compromised.

Computer security online is also a big issue. Yes, when you are online, you can automatically fetch updates for your security tools and software to keep it aware of the new threats available and be able to block them. However, most infections are also transmitted through the internet.

Now, to secure your system, there are several free tools available. Among the best security tools with free versions for home users are Avast Antivirus and Malwarebytes Antimalware. This article however details the process of using Malwarebytes Antimalware in ensureing that your Windows computer system is clean, safe and malware free.

Step 1: Please download the FREE version of Malwarebyte from this link => Download FREE Malwarebytes Antimalware Here

Step 2: After you download it, please install. During the FIRST RUN, when you are prompted for a TRIAL, you can just DECLINE. Then let it UPDATE.

Malwarebytes updating

Step 3: If you don't see the option about installing it as a trial, then please look closely in the installation screen and locate a check box that turns the trial version ON and OFF. Make sure that you disable the trial version so that you can use it as a free version.

Step 4: After the updates are installed, please perform a QUICK SCAN. Then REMOVE all malicious files found and restart your computer as part of the removal process.

Malwarebytes quick scan