Recording DVD videos using VLC Player

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If you want to copy a video from a DVD or CD, you can surely rip the CD or DVD using free and commercial software. But how about if you only want to take part of the video as a small video file?

VLC video recording

The best option is to use a movie editing software. However, this is not a practical approach especially if you are only doing this for few CDs or DVDs. The video editing software costs some money so it is only practical if you are doing video editing regularly like in editing studies and other graphic business and services.

In this case, the not so well-known option is to record the video that you want to copy from the disc, then save it as a separate file. Then you can publish these clips online like youtube or facebook. The best tool to use in this task is the free VLC player.

Step 1: Download VLC Player from this link:

Step 2: Install VLC

Step 3: Open or launch the VLC Media Player program that you just installed

Step 4: Click on the View menu, then click on "Advanced Controls". This will just show a group of buttons right above the Play button. Among the buttons now shown is the "Record" button.

vlc advanced controls

Step 5: Now, close VLC. When you open it next time, the advanced controls will still show up.

Step 6: Load the disc to copy in your CD/DVD drive

Step 7: Go to Start => Computer and locate the DVD drive there. Right click on it then click on "Play with VLC media Player".

Step 8: Then the video plays. Go the the part of the movie that you want to record. Then click on the red "Record" button to start recording.

Step 9: When done recording, just click on the red button again to stop recording.

vlc recording

Step 10: After the recording is stopped, the recorded file is automatically saved in your computer. The location where the recorded files are saved is in your My Videos folder, or Libraries/Videos. This is accessible is C:\Users\your-user-name\Videos. Screen shot below:

vlc record location