How to Show the File menu (the whole menu bar) in explorer window

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When you are using Windows Vista and the newer versions of MS Windows,  you might notice that the Explorer window, the one that you get when you click on Start => Computer, does not have any menu that contains the usual important commands.

show menu bar in explorer windows

Here is a screen shot of a typical explorer window, the Computer window, showing NO menu bar at the top of the window.

explorer window with no menu bar

Here is the My Documents window showing NO menu bar.

My Documents with no menu bar

In order to show a menu bar in all explorer windows, here are the steps:

Step 1: Open any explorer window, like Computer, by going to Start => Computer

Step 2: In the explorer window, click on "Organize" command button

Step 3: In the pull-down menu that appears, point to "Layout"

Step 4: Then click on "Menu bar" to put a check mark before it. This will enable or show the menu bar in all explorer windows that you will open.

menu bar enabled

Step 5: Now, close all windows. When you open a new explorer window, like the Computer window by going to Start => Computer, the menu bar will be shown.

file menu shown