How to recover or restore old XP backup (.BKF) files to your new Windows 7 computer

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If you were once using Windows XP and decided to buy a newer desktop or laptop, it is always a good practice to backup all your files for safekeeping. Once the backup is done, you can then use it in the new computer.

Restoring XP backup to Windows 7

However, this process is straightforward only if you do this manually or with the help of third party backup software. For instance, you can manually copy all the files that you want to backup and then paste them to your external drive. Also, you can use a third party backup software to automate the process.

In the older versions of Windows like Windows XP, there is a tool that you can use to perform a backup, called Windows Backup. When you use this method in creating a backup for your files, you will end up with a .BKF file. You can restore this file so easily when the computer you are restoring the files to is also running Windows XP where the Windows Backup tool is also pre-installed. How about if you are using a newer version of Windows like Windows 7?

Using Windows NT Backup Restore Utility for Windows 7

Now, you can restore your backup files in the .BKF format to your new computer running WIndows 7. This is through the help of Windows NT Backup Restore Utility for Windows 7.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open your browser and click on this link:
  2. There are four (4) download links there, download the version of the update that fits your verison of Windows. The "x86-based version" refers to the 32-bit version of Windows while the "x64-based version" is for the 64-bit Windows. For more information on HOW to check if you are using 32-bit or 64-bit, please CLICK HERE.
  3. After downloading, install the update. This should install the Windows NT Backup-Restore tool
  4. After you install the NT Backup Restore Utility, Click Start.
  5. Click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click System Tools.
  6. Click NTBackup-RestoreUtility.
  7. For instructions about how to use the utility, click Help Topics on the Help menu.