How to recover deleted emails after removing email account in Windows Live Mail [2010 and 2012]

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Microsoft has a free email client or email program that you can use to avoid buying it commercial email client MS Outlook. With Windows XP, the free email software is called Outlook Express. Starting with Windows Vista and Windows 7, Microsoft no longer use Outlook Express. Instead, it uses Windows Live Mail, a part of the Windows Live Essentials software package.

Windows Live Mail startup screen

When you delete an email account inside Windows Live Mail, all emails in the email folders of such account will be deleted as well. When you add the email account back, the emails will be restored. This is especially true for POP and IMAP email accounts.

However, when you are unable to ADD the deleted email account back, especially when the said email account is no longer active, like the case of an email account provided by your ISP and you already changed your ISP, there is a way to recover the emails. The procedures below describe the entire process using Windows 7.

Step 1: Close your Windows Live Mail program. 

Step 2: Open and Explorer window (Click Start => Computer) and then navigate to this path: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft. The "username" folder there represents your Windows user name. Also, if you are unable to see the AppData folder inside your "username" folder, this simply means that you are unable to see hidden folders since the AppData folder is a hidden folder. You need to "show" hidden folders, files and drives so that you will be able to follow the remaining procedures. The entire process is described in this article.

Step 3: When you are in the "Microsoft" folder, please locate Windows Live Mail folder there.

Windows Live Mail storage folder 

Step 4: When found, COPY the Windows Live Mail. Then PASTE it in your desktop screen or any location you prefer, like your My Documents. This is to BACKUP the folder.

Step 5: When copying is done, right click on the Windows Live Mail folder then click on "Restore previous versions".

Restore defaults

Step 6: In the dialog box that opens, please choose the date of the restore point that you want to restore your mails from. Click on that restore item then click on the Restore button.

Restore date dialog

Step 7: In the confirmation prompt that shows up, click on Restore button to confirm the restore operation.

Restore confirmation

Step 8: Then the restore process will proceed.

Restore in progress

Step 9: Please give it some time until the operation is done. Then click the OK button

Restore completed

Step 10: Now close all windows and other programs. Then open your Windows Live Mail and all your emails shall be restored to the date that you selected.

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