How to extract or merge smaller fragments of RAR file using WinRar

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If you received a RAR file and it is having a filename pattern of .part#.rar, this simply means that the rar files are volumes split into smaller fragments from a huge single file. In this case, you cannot extract the contents of the RAR files unless ALL of the smaller parts are stored in the same directory.

Next volume missing

For instance, your friend sent you a movie file through email. He split the file into 6 smaller files. When you receive the first 3 rar files, you cannot extract the movie unless ALL of the 6 RAR files arrived in your Inbox.

When all RAR files are intact in a folder, you can then extract the compressed file. In this demo, a movie is split into 32 smaller parts. Thus, the rar files have .part01.rar up tp .part32.rar in its extension.

Smaller files

Now, to extract the movie out of these rar files, locate the first rar file, with the 01.rar filename. Right click on it, then click on Extract Here.

Extract Here


Then the extraction process will begin and WinRar will automatically call the required RAR files without your intervention.


After the extraction is done, the movie file movie file will then appear among the RAR files in the folder.

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