How to easily share files using wikisend

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There are several websites out there that offer file sharing across the internet. The common workflow or logic is, you upload your file to these file sharing sites, then you will get a download link to download the files you uploaded. However, most file sharing websites, requires registration in order for you to upload files for sharing. Among the well known file sharing sites that requires registration is,,,, and many others.

Though these websites offer free signup, still many people find it annoying if you require them to sign up before you are able to upload your files for sharing.

However, there is one website I know that allows you to share your files anonymously. That is, you do not need to register or sign up in order to upload your files for sharing. The site I am referring to is

Here are the steps to use in sharing your files:

1.) Using your web browser, go to

2.) In that page, you shall see the Upload tab open by default. Please use the Browse button to locate the file in your computer to upload for sharing.

3.) Please note that the service only allows uploading one file at a time and the file shall be NOT bigger than 100MB.

4.) After selecting the file to upload using the Browse button, click on the Upload button.

Wikisend upload page

5.) Then the file is uploaded. When done uploading, you shall be redirected to the associated download page. In that page, there are two (2) download options available. First, is you can copy the link in the box called Download Link. You can select the entire link, then press Ctrl+C to copy the link.

upload completed

This is also the link that you can give to people whom you intend to share the uploaded file to. The other option here is through the give 6-digit File ID. You can simply give the unique 6-digit File ID to the person whom you want to download your file and he will be able to download the file using the next step.

6). When you are given the 6-digit File ID, you can then go to the download page of by clicking the Download tab. There you can enter the 6-digit File ID to download the associated file.

Downloading shared files


NOTE: If you know of certain websites where you can upload files for sharing and does not require registration, you can add it here in this article.