Checking and detecting the hardware components of Windows computers

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There are times that you want to know what hardware components are installed in your computer, regardless if it is a desktop computer or a laptop. For instance, you might want to know the exact make and model of your wireless card so that you can check the specifications of this wifi-card in the manufacturer's website. You might want to know the brand and model of your system's motherboard so that you will be guided when you perform major component upgrades like adding a physical memory (RAM) or changing your processor to a faster model.

If you are using a desktop and you are adept of opening your computer case, then you can surely do it just to look for labels of the individual components. However, you have the option to not get your hands dirty and just use a free tool to inspect your hardware components.

I am talking about Speccy. It is a free tool from You can download it in this link:

In that page, you can download the FREE version from the link.

After installing, run Speccy and you shall get the Summary window like this:

Speccy software showing system summary of hardware components


You can click on the individual links in the left panel of the Speccy window to display detailed hardware information on the components installed in your system.

Windows Version: