Windows XP Support Retired - Do you Need to Abolish your Windows XP Machine?

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Goodbye Windows XP

Windows XP has been the widely used among the operating system of Microsoft. In fact, various devices, besides laptops and desktops, run Windows XP. This includes local ATM, vending machines, and industrial machinery in manufacturing plants and many others.

With Microsoft retiring Windows XP support, what will happen to these machines running on Windows XP? Should Windows XP machines be upgraded to the next compatible OS version like Vista or 7? Or even Windows 8? Is the upgrade even necessary?

These are the very common questions people with Windows XP are facing now that XP support was discontinued by Microsoft. If you are in the same scenario, then please  read on to see how you can proceed.

Is Windows XP Machine No Longer Safe?

The very main reason why people are wanting to upgrade their XP after Microsoft retired XP support is security. Since continuous Microsoft support means security updates and bug fixes are being released, now that support is retired or discontinued, Windows XP computers are at risk.

This is partly true. Yes, even with the existing support for security updates, computers in general are never safe. So security is the top issue with or without updates from Microsoft. However, securing the computer is not solely done by the security updates release by Microsoft.

To ensure that your Windows XP computer is still secure even after the support was discontinued, you can install an active antivirus software. This will add a tough level of security especially if it is updated everyday online. Among the best antivirus software that is compatible with Windows XP is Avast.

With a reliable and up-to-date antivirus software, your Windows XP computer can still perform better even without Microsoft Security Updates.

Do You Need to Upgrade to Windows Vista, 7 or 8?

The answer to this question depends on your computer usage and hardware components of the Windows XP machine. If you need to install software in the future that requires the latest operating system, then you need to upgrade. But if you only need to keep the computer working, then you do not need to upgrade. If maintained properly, your Windows XP computer can still work for few more years until the hardware components fail.

If your Windows XP computer is still working fine and you just need to keep it work for few more years, then definitely, you do not need to upgrade your Windows XP. Despite the discontinued Microsoft support, your Windows XP system will still continue to work until the hardware components fail. It can be 3 or more years.

If your Windows computer is old enough like 5 to 7 years from purchase, then it is no longer recommended to upgrade because the new operating system can be NOT 100% compatible to your old hardware components. Besides compatibility, because the huge resources that the newer operating system require, your old computer can run too slow or sluggish when you upgrade.

To check if your computer can run the latest operating system, Windows 8, there is a tool provided by Microsoft to test your hardware for compatibility. See the link below: