How to View Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

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Revealing Firefox password

If you are using Mozilla Firefox web browser to surf the internet, then that is a very good decision as Firefox is safe, reliable, fast and stable browser. But this article will not just promote the use of Firefox, this will describe how you can hack or reveal the passwords that Firefox "remembered".

Most web browsers like Firefox, offer an option to "Save" or "Remember" the password you enter when you are logging in to your online accounts like emails, banking sites and other user-account related portals.

When you choose to SAVE or REMEMBER the password, every time you login to your account, you shall notice that the password box is already filled with dots or asterisks, thus you no longer need to manually enter them.

How to "remember" or "store" passwords in Firefox

Cool feature, right? Yes, indeed. However, the convenience that this feature brings is equal or even less than the risk that it presents. What if you forgot the remembered password? That is most likely to happen since you will not be entering it anymore, thus you can easily forget it relying that you will never require that password again!

This happened to many people and they even think, "Why am I asked for a password now when I have accessed my account without a password for years?"

When Will I Need This Trick?

This is actually not a trick. Firefox offers the feature to save passwords and it also offers a counter-feature: to reveal the stored passwords should you need them. As to when you will need these passwords, here are the sample scenarios.

  1. You lost your computer, thus you have no access of the Firefox program where the saved passwords are stored. So you need to manually enter the password.
  2. You suddenly performed a cleanup of your computer using tools like CCleaner, or some other tools, you might end up deleting cached data, temporary files and saved passwords. The next time you access your account, you will be shocked that it is now requiring a password.
  3. You got a new smartphone, and you want to access your email there
  4. You recently purchased MS Outlook and you want to add your email account there. Setting up the account in MS Outlook and other email clients requires the current password for the email account

How to Reveal Saved Passwords in Firefox

Here are the steps to reveal the saved passwords in Firefox. This however is risky since ALL remembered accounts will be shown, even others that you do not own, especially if you are doing this in a shared computer.

  1. Open Firefox browser
  2. Click on Tools menu
  3. Click on Options
    Options menu in Firefox
  4. If you do not see the menu bar, press ALT to show it.
  5. Click on the Security tab/icon at the top.
  6. There you shall see "Saved Passwords" button. Click on it to reveal stored account information.
    Security options in Firefox
  7. You shall get the list of online accounts with remembered passwords. You can enter the domain name as a filter to show just the right account that you want to reveal.
  8. Then click on Show Passwords button to real the passwords.
    Show passwords
  9. When prompted, click YES to confirm and a password column will then be down to show the passwords for the corresponding accounts.

For procedures to show or reveal saved passwords in Google Chrome, click HERE.