How to reveal saved passwords in Internet Explorer 9, IE10 or IE11

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Internet Explorer prompt to save and remember password

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, IE10 or IE11, you might have stored some online account passwords like in your email accounts or social media accounts. This means, when you access your online account, instead of prompting you for your username and password, you will see the input boxes already filled with your information. At times, you will no longer see the login page because your Internet Explorer browser already saved session cookies for your account and you have not signed out so the next time you visit the account, you are still signed in.

This "autocomplete" and "remember password" features in web browsers are very convenient for users to avoid them entering passwords each time they want to access their online account. However, there are instances or scenarios that you will need the actual password of your online account. So you might need to look into the saved passwords in your Internet Explorer. Sample scenarios include:

  1. Your Internet Explorer browser becomes buggy and inoperable so you need to use your alternate browsers like Firefox or Chrome
  2. You want to change your current password which requires your knowledge of the old password
  3. You want to install and use an email client like MS Outlook 2010 or Mozilla Thunderbird and setting up your account in any of these email clients requires you to enter the email account password
  4. You need to access your online account using another computer 
  5. You want to access your online accounts using your smartphones

If you are in any of the five (5) scenarios described above, follow these procedures below to reveal the remembered or saved passwords in your Internet Explorer browser.

How to Reveal Saved or Remembered IE Passwords

  1. Open your Windows Control Panel
  2. In the upper right hand corner of the Control Panel window labeled "View by" select Small icons
  3. Then click on Credential Manager
    The File Manager
  4. In Credential Manager window, locate the password you are looking for and then click it to select. Then click on the small "Show" link to reveal the stored passswords.