How To Resize Images With Paint.NET

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Using Paint.NET to resize pictures

Have you ever wanted to resize your pictures so that you can fit them in your documents in MS Word or any other programs? Yes, you might have resized them inside MS Word by moving its image handles to reduce the size.

However in that case in MS Word, the image is just "scaled" and not resized. Doing it in several HD pictures in a document will cause the document file to be bloated and prone to corruption.

If you are using Windows, you must have MS Paint pre-installed. You can also use it to edit and manipulate pictures but in this article, I will introduce Paint.NET, a more feature-rich Paint program that is free.

First, you can download Paint.NET in this link below:

With Paint.NET installed in your computer, you can now begin editing your pictures with Paint.NET.

How to Resize Images with Paint.NET

The actual size of the image file is directly proportional to its pixel size or dimension. So if you insert a huge HD image in a word document, since the image file is large by itself, embedding it in MS Word will bloat the document file as a result even if you scale the HD image to fit a portion of the document. That is why resizing is important. This will reduce the actual dimension of the file thus reducing the image file size as well.

To resize an image using Paint.NET, here are the steps:

  1. Open Paint.NET and then load the image file. This can be done using the File => Open menu and then selecting the image to be edited.
  2. When the file is loaded, click on Image menu then click on Resize.
    Resize command in Paint.NET
  3. In the Resize dialog box, make sure to check the option that says "Maintain aspect ratio". This will ensure that when you resize it, the length and the width will be modified proportionally, thus will prevent distorting the image.
  4. With that option selected, change ANY one of the dimension and the other shall resize automatically.
    Paint.NET resize dialog
  5. After putting the new dimension, click OK and the loaded image shall now reflect the NEW dimension.
  6. Save the file.