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How to Add Date Picker in Excel VBA Forms

The pop-up date picker for MS Excel

If you are using MS Excel for the longest time or if you are just new to this prowerful spreadsheet program, you might want to add some date picker functionality on your sheets. This fancy feature is mostly encountered on web forms but they can be applied or utilized in MS Excel too using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) forms.

How to extract whole numbers from decimal digits in Excel

In daily spreadsheet tasks, you will encounter various types of data. Suppose you have a column of numeric data of formatted in 3 decimal points like the table below:

Decimal column

Suppose you need to use the WHOLE number parts of the data in column C (Average) in the table above, how would you do it?

MS Excel Tips & Tricks: Top 5 Excel Shortcuts

Using shortcuts in MS Excel
It is undeniable that MS Excel is one of the widely used software in the world whether at home or at work. And if you are one of the millions of Excel users, depending on the level of your expertise, you might find keyboard shortcuts as the best way to work faster in MS Excel and even in other software.

How to count unique values in a column based on 2 conditions (in different columns)

How to count unique values in a column based on 2 conditions

I just want to share a sample worksheet in Excel where you might find helpful in your work. The worksheet does exactly what the title says: "counting unique values" in one column based on the conditions in other columns.

This is especially useful if you are working on raw data especially those exported from your accounting systems or inventory systems and data are just tabulated in columns which of course contains several duplicates. When you are to count such unique data, this worksheet can be helpful.   

How to extract the unique values or data in a column with duplicate data

How to extract unique data in a column
Suppose you have a spreadsheet at work and one of the columns contain a huge list of account numbers being exported from your company's accounting system that contains a lot of duplicates. And you are tasked to extract the UNIQUE account numbers in this huge list.

How to Create A Checkbook Register in MS Excel

Creating checkbook register in Excel

If you have a checking account with your bank and you have MS Excel installed in your computer, you can create a small Excel utility that will monitor your checkbook. This is a thorough procedures in creating a Checkbook Register with MS Excel.

How to copy filtered data and paste to filtered cells in MS Excel

The Excel Filter

Filters and filtering are great tools when working with huge data in Microsoft Excel. However, have you tried copying and pasting filtered cells to another filtered cell range?

If you have already tried it, then you might notice that the common or conventional method of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V key combination is not working because the copied data are pasted to hidden or filtered-out cells.

Here is a sample filtered data:

Why is "wrap text" not working in MS Excel?

Wrap text in Excel

Especially for new Excel users, formatting an Excel spreadsheet is a real challenge. The reason for this is because it is hard to work with cells especially establishing the of the contents across the page. However, if you use and work with Excel very frequently, formatting will be easier and fun.

One way to format a cell in Excel is using the "Wrap text" button. This will cause the formatted cell to automatically resize its height to fit its content. But what if, you have a cell that contains a long text but when "Wrap text" is clicked, nothing happens?

How to combine text in Excel cells so easily

How to easily combine multiple cells with text in Excel

Suppose that you are working with an Excel sheet where a column of cells contain various text entries. And one of your tasks is to combine the text contents of the cells into one summary cell. How are you gonna do it in Excel? What formulas or functions will you be using?

How to extract text to the right of a character in an Excel cells?

How to extract text in Excel cells to the right of a specific character?

Suppose you have a list of text data in Excel columns that you want to work with and you need to extract only a portion of the text following a specific pattern. This pattern can vary, like a specific character, a particular number of characters, or whatever your actual data is.

It is the very first and important step that you can decipher the actual pattern of your data so that you can build the correct formula to manipulate the data. See for instance the sample column of data below:


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