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How To Extract Embedded Images from a Word Document

How to extract embedded images in Word

You might have come across a situation wherein you embedded images in an MS-Word document, images of any type -- BPM, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. When these images are embedded in a Word document, even if the original images are deleted, they will still show up in the Word document.

This happens because when they are embedded in a document, MS Word will no longer "reference" to the original file and location to render the images. They are all stored as "copy" of the original images and bundled or packed with the document file, be it a .DOC or .DOCX file.

How to Recover UNSAVED MS Word Files from AutoRecovery Files (.ASD)

Recovering unsaved MS Word documents

When MS Word is closed or terminated abruptly or improperly, any unsaved data or documents can be lost. However, MS Word has a built-in autorecovery system can can allow you to retrieve unsaved files. There are certain default MS Word settings that allow MS Word to save a snap shot of the unsaved document and make the snap shots available for recovery purposes.

This article will show you how to check your Auto-recovery settings and has to recover unsaved files when your MS Word chrashed.

How to Reset MS Word Settings to a Working Defaults

Resetting MS Word settings

Microsoft Word is another bit of software that is usually and easily messed up with the installation of other programs that integrate with Microsoft Office, like plugins and add-ons, and with the changes done manually in the programs settings. When MS Word settings are messed up, you will then find it hard to work on any document because of the erratic behavior of the MS Word program.

How to Easily Extract Images and other Embedded Files from DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files

Have you ever wondered how you can easily extract the embedded images, graphs, illustrations or drawings in your MS Word document, your MS Excel workbook, or your MS PowerPoint presentation files?

How to easily extract embedded pictures, drawings and illustrations in an MS Office file

MS Word Tip: How to insert a Word file into another Word file to avoid copy and paste

There are certain times that we need to insert several pages or blocks of texts or paragraphs from one Word document to another. This is easily done using the conventional Copy & Paste method. But how about if you need an entire document to be appended to an existing Word document?

How to insert a whole Word document into existing Word file

MS Office Tips: How to Install and Use Microsoft Office Organization Chart Creator

Some people are looking for organizational charting software to create the organization chart of their company or organization. Organisational chart software come in various forms: freeware, shareware, free trials and proprietary or commercial.

Using MS Office Organization Chart for MS Office 2007, 2010 and later versions

Microsoft Word 2007 always "configures" when opened. It is annoying and time consuming.

This is a common scenario for MS Word 2007 users: When you click to open MS Word 2007, it won't open automatically. Instead, it will bring up the "configuration" screen. It is both annoying and time consuming.

When you have both Word 2007 and 2010 installed, opening Word 2007 will always show the configuration dialog

Word 2007/2010: Using a Macro to Automatically Format Tables in a Document

If you are working with an MS Word document that contains several tables, you might need a way to automate some tasks. Tasks that can be automated includes formatting the tables in the document. For intance, the tasks that you can automate are those that are repeatitive tasks. This includes formatting text, formatting the table headers, setting text alignments, and many others.

Word macro

How to create and record a Macro in MS Word 2007/2010

What is a Macro?

By common definiton, a macro is just a shortcut to severak tasks that you do repeatedly. For instance, you are working with a document with a lot of tables.

recording word macros

MS Word: Extra page showing Filename, Directory, Template & other stuffs are printed

If you are having trouble printing your MS Word document because there is always an extra page printing last, the page which contains text information about the Filename, Directory, Template and other related information, the problem is not with your printer, not with your printer settings or the document being printed. The problem is in your MS Word settings itself.

Printing problem in MS Word


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