BIOS password recovery

Phoenix BIOS password removal and recovery

It is truly frustrating when you are locked out from a password-protected system because you have forgotten the password. A BIOS password is no exception. If you have a Phoenix computer system and you have forgotten your BIOS password, it is not the end of the world. This article describes how you can unlock your Phoenix BIOS using available tools.

How to unlock Phoenix system BIOS password

How to recover desktop or laptop BIOS password

You were tweaking your system BIOS configuration to maximize your hardware component performance. You decided to password-protect the system BIOS so that only you can access it since you firmly believe that only you shall be able to access it since critical changes in the BIOS may harm your computer system. That was a good intention.

However, after several months, you have forgotten the BIOS password and you are now unable to access it for further changes and hardware configuration. What shall you do then?

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