Windows 7 How-To

How to install or uninstall Windows games and other components in Windows 7

Did you ever wonder how to uninstall a built-in feature of Windows 7? Do you want to uninstall Windows Games so that people in your office will not procrastinate at work?

Like the older versions of Windows, you can turn on or turn off some of the built in Windows features. Please remember that you need to be signed in as an Administrator in order to follow the steps below:

How to Fix a Corrupted Recycle Bin

If you are experiencing a weird or uncommon behavior of your Recycle Bin, like when you cannot empty it, or when the Recycle Bin icon in your Desktop always shows clear or empty when in fact there are deleted items when you open it, then it is most likely a corruption issue. In this case, the very first thing that you can try is to RESET your Recycle Bin.

By resetting your Recycle Bin, Windows will automatically re-create the $Recycle.Bin folder after resetting the old and corrupted version.

Here are the steps:

How to Access an Elevated Command Prompt

When doing administrative tasks, most of the times you need to access the DOS command prompt in an elevated mode. That is, you are using the command prompt as an Administrator or with Administrator privileges.

Here are the steps to access an elevated Command Prompt:

How to speed up your computer's startup time

Sometimes, you might notice that as you use your computer through time, it will eventually slow down. This is noticeable at startup and also noticeable when you work with several software at the same time.

Though Microsoft Windows is built with multitasking capability, coupled with fast hardware technology, slowing down of your computer occurs for many reasons:

How to automatically login and bypass the login screen in Windows 7

If you are the only user of your computer, or if only few people are using the computer and few user accounts are created in the system, you might consider speeding up the startup process of your computer by simply eliminating the need to login. You might think that this is easily done by simply removing your user account password so that you are already logged in when you turn on your computer. That is basically not a good idea.

How to tell how long your Windows computer has been running

Have you experienced forgetting to turn off the computer that was left unused? Or using the computer for long hours that you worry if the hardware blows up with matching smoke and smelly fumes?

Some computers, specially laptop computers can be used for long hours as they are not heating up so easily as compared to desktop computers. However, in case you need to inspect as to how long your Windows computer has been running, please do the following:

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