Protect your PC from Online Annoyances with Anvi Ad Blocker Pro

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The internet is a battle ground for marketing for most digital and conventional products and services. That is why advertising is the game played by many in the online world. As a result, when you visit websites, pages are full of advertisements. Some are good and helpful. But some are just annoyances.

Because of the increasing amount of annoying ads, it is no longer a good idea to just ignore them. Better yet, Anvi Ad Blocker is developed to protect your computer from these unwanted and annoying ads.

Why Choose Anvi Ad Blocker?

Every day, tens of thousands of people fall prey to virus attacks and online fraud. To give users much real-time protection, Anvisoft researched and developed this new program for PC users. It's powerful and innovative, which implements a number of filters that protect users from malicious and fishing sites. It monitors processes which are trying to connect network in real time, which also provides users a proactive security service.

Powerful Features of Anvi AD Blocker

Block malicious websites
Block malicious websites including phishing websites to avoid risks that potentially come from dangerous URLs
Filter Ads
Filter pop up ads and flash ads from web browser that appear very annoying and potentially risky with a bogus of smoother and speedier online surfing
Block Unwanted URLs
Block your unwanted websites that may appear annoying to you or where you are constantly redirected to, such as some hijacker or redirect websites

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