How to Protect your Web Browsers from Unwanted Toolbars

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There are still millions of people in the world who are using Internet Explorer as their primary web browser as it comes pre-installed in any computer running Windows operating system. Like any other browsers, they are prone to being hijacked by malicious toolbars.

It is good to know that there exists a software tool that will protect your web browsers from the malicious toolbars that install themselves when you install any legitimate software. It is developed by Anvisoft and the tool is called Anvi Slim Toolbar.

With Anvi Slim Toolbar, you are sure that you have real-time protection of your web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome from any malicious toolbars installed. Moreover, you can also use Anvi Slim Toolbar to conveniently manage the toolbars that are already installed and remove any of them that you believe you do not need. Anvi Slim Toolbar would be a very useful tool in terms of keeping your internet browsers safe and healthy from malicious add-ons when you are browsing online or installing freeware or shareware which is suspected to be bundled with malicious toolbars.

The Amazing Features of Anvi Slim Toolbar

  • Remove Malicious Toolbar. This software allows you to smartly scan and detect any malicious toolbar installed in your computer affecting your Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome and remove it effectively.
  • Manage Installed Toolbar. The software allows users to easily manage all installed toolbars in IE, Firefox and Chrome. It also allows the users to remove the unwanted toolbars from the system.
  • Repair Browser Settings. As a result of malicious toolbars that could have been installed in error, Anvi Slim Toolbar allows you to repair hijacked homepage and modified search engine and restore a working state.
  • Real-time Guard. As a protection software, Anvi Slim Toolbar will monitor and guard your Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome against malicious toolbars from being installed. These malicious toolbars are normally bundeled with other downloaded software.
  • Cloud Database Auto-updated. The software is powered with an attached cloud database and this is regularly updated automatically to help you better protect and detect offensive toolbars.
  • Restore Confidence. Anvi Slim Toolbar allows you to restore any deleted toolbar so easily, with just a few mouse clicks. This means you do not need to worry deleting unwanted toolbars sonce you can restore them any time.


The Anvi Slim Toolbar interface

The Anvi Slim Toolbar in action

The Anvi Slim Toolbar searching for malicious toolbars

Your system is secure with Anvi Slim Toolbar


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