What Your Mac Should Have to be in Good Shape

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Optimize your Mac with Uniblue Mechanic

It will be normal and acceptable if you are using your Mac on a regular basis. However, doing this "normal use" will inevitably lead to an accumulation of files, both the desirable personal files like documents, spreadsheets and pictures, and the undesirable files like the junk files, orphaned files, and temporary files that are left in clutter. As a result, you will then have a problem in low hard disk space.

With the common use of SSD drives and the already finite hard disk capacity typically used in Mac, hard drive space has become a precious commodity which Mac users have to make the most of.

Can I just Delete Those Unwanted Files?

Deleting unwanted files

Yes, you surely can. However, manually deleting those unwanted files can be very tidious and at the same time dangerous. It is tidious since you will need to manually locate those files in various folders and sub-folders and then verify them manually if they are indeed junk and just eating up your disk space. It is also dangerous as you might end up deleting the wrong file which can cause a bigger problem to your Mac.

Using Uniblue Mechanic to Optimize Your Mac

Thanks to Uniblue Mechanic, you can now easily optimize your Mac and manage your hard disk drive usage with just simple mouse clicks. Machanic is an easy-to-use, yet effective cleaning application for OS X® that will free up hard disk space by cleaning your Mac from junk and other unneeded and unnecessary files.

Using the Uniblue Mechanic application, it will scan your Mac and identify the files which can be removed. It is then up to you to select the files you want to keep and those you want Machanic to safely delete. With smart, effective features developed to get your Mac back on track, you can look forward to a healthy amount of disk space and a more optimized Mac performance.

Features of Uniblue Mechanic

Clean junk from your Mac

As you use your Mac regularly, files and junk files are accumulated over time. Use the Junk File Cleaner to scour and wipe the unneeded files littering your hard disk.

Identify & remove duplicates

Have you ever noticed the same photo or document cropping up twice, three times - or more? Duplicates are hard to find or notice but it is taking up your precious disk space. The Duplicate Files Cleaner will locate duplicates and make it easy for you to delete them.

Remove unneeded apps

Unlike manual uninstallations, Machanic not only uninstalls applications but also removes any associated files for a clean uninstallation that leaves no stray files behind!


Uniblue Machanic is compatible with OSX Mountain Lion (10.7) or later.