Launching a Digital Online Store is Now Easier with Open eShop!

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The open eshop system

Several thousand or even millions of websites today are selling something - goods and/or services. These are the conventional online stores or the so-called ecommerce websites. These are usually built with commercial software that enables merchants to run a full-featured storefront in the cyberspace.

In the past, only well-established store owners with large amount of capital can launch an online store as the eCommerce system itself costs high. But today, with the help of Open Source system called the Open eShop, launching a digital ecommerce website is easer!

What is Open eShop?

Open eShop is the leading and trending e-commerce solutions for digital products like eBooks, Music, Software and other downloadable items. With Open eShop e-commerce solution, authors of digital goods can now sell online without any hassle on investing in commercial online systems since Open eShop is absolutely FREE!

Amazingly, this free online store system comes bundled with these cool features that will help you focus on your digital goods and marketing instead of minding the store system itself.

Open eShop Features


A complete storefront system with categories and listing of products. Can also use the Minimal View of a product to promote a particular product.

Paypal, Card and Bitcoin integration

Get paid directly via Paypal or Card (using Paymill or Stripe and Bitpay). Products are protected thus only downloadable by paid users.


Manage and administer your store using a feature-rich panel that will adapt to your device, mobile, tablet or desktop. Comes with hundreds of configurations so you can tweak anything you want.

Discount Coupons

Customers love discounts! Offer your clients discount coupons or discounts. Limit this offer by product, time or availability.

Smart Demo

Show off your work with an amazing toolbar to display your product. It’s responsive and it changes size to display the demo in different devices.


Empower your customers! After purchasing your products, clients can add their product reviews.

Support tickets

Welcome complaints as well! Provide support to your clients from an easy interface, get notified of any new ticket opened and give awesome support!

Sell Anywhere

Just add a small JavaScript file and a link to get a modal and sell anywhere! Forums, other sites.

Goal Tracking

Integrate Google Analytics and Events to track your store activities and sales!

Sales Statistics

Full statistics displayed on the panel to see how you are doing in a month. How many sales I’ve made? What’s the most popular product? How many visitors did we have?

Licenses & Downloads

Generate licenses for your purchases and check them with our simple API. Control how long or how many times a download is available.


For stores with premium themes, you can share revenue with your affiliates, choose the % for each product and pay them via Paypal.

FAQs & Forums

Create a Knowledge place with a Frequently Asked Questions page to help your users buy at your site. Easily add full forum functionality and product comments to engage your community.

Mobile Ready

There are more smartphones and mobile devices sold every year than laptops and desktops. Be ready to sell via mobile!

Social Authentication

For stores with premium themes, allow anyone to easily register in your site or login using Facebook, Twitter, Google, or Yahoo.


Change the look and feel of your storefront, add new sidebar widgets, or create a header menu. Easy to do with few clicks!

Blogging & CMS

Boost your SEO through blogging. Out of the box CMS for your pages, contact form and a built-in blogging system.


Send newsletters to all your users or notify some of them when a new version of your product available.


Translated in English and Spanish. And you can easily translate emails, or any text to any language from our panel.

SEO Friendly

Sitemap auto generated, RSS for your products/blog, Friendly URL’s, Auto generated descriptions.

Latest Web Technology

HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.3, MySQL and Software auto updates to latest version!

Are you planning to sell online? Now it will be easier with the Open eShop system. Download Open eShop for FREE!