101 Reasons to Use PureVPN Services

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101 Reasons to Use PureVPN Services

In today's world of fast-growing internet technology, pure privacy and total security is no longer a luxury. Thanks to Virtual Private Network (VPN) service providers out there for giving us the security that we need and the privacy that we deserve.

As of this writing, more and more people are considering a VPN service for the two (2) main reasons above. But how would you know that a particular VPN provider is what you will need amongst the other providers? This article will describe the main features of PureVPN -- the world's leading VPN provider to help you decide on whether to give it a try for FREE.

Main Reasons to Use PurePVN

This will summarize the main features of PureVPN and why it is worth trying.

Flexibility: Use PureVPN on 5 Devices

You can use your PureVPN account and connect to 5 devices at the same time to ensure complete online security and privacy.

Innovation: The Best Speed and Safety

PureVPN uses an innovative Split-Tunneling feature that allows you to use VPN protection for important tasks simultaneously while using unencrypted fast internet browsing. This will result to a fast and a more rewarding browsing experience.

PureVPN: The fastest VPN service with the toughest security

Security: Absolute Online Security 

If you want complete online security, then PureVPN is your best choice. Its ‘Internet Kill Switch’ feature automatically terminates all your internet activities as soon as you are disconnected from VPN.

Protection: Always Stay Protected

PureVPN provides high level of data encryption. It simply means that it is virtually impossible for hackers to steal your data. It enables you to encrypt your data with up to 256-bit-encryption keys so doing business transactions online will be totally secured.

More Reasons to Use PureVPN

As a service, there are the benifits that you will be getting and enjoying with PureVPN.

Unlimited Data Transfer

PureVPN gives unlimited data transfer and puts no restriction on your data usage which allows you to download and stream as much as you want. Unlike other  VPN providers that limits your data usage, PureVPN gives you freedom to download GBs upon GBs of data, stream movies and do whatever you want.

Unlimited Server Switches

Switch among the 450+ servers on the PureVPN network as many times as you want. There are absolutely no restrictions on server switching! Switch between servers across 6 continents to stream videos, watch TV, connect to gaming servers and do whatever fancies you. Choose IPs from different countries, unblock websites, be completely invisible to surveillance agencies, and leave no digital footprint whatsoever!

Fastest VPN Service

PureVPN maintain its own Gigabit network with automatic load balancing for the fastest VPN experience. PureVPN has no restrictions on bandwidth usage and sever switching. Even your ISP cannot throttle your internet speed when you are anonymized by PureVPN. So enjoy movie streaming, download stuff and enjoy the internet.

256-bit Data Encryption

PureVPN provides you the highest level of 256-bit SSL or AES encryption that protects your important data like credit/debit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account number, contact details and more. Data encryption is employed to encode your important data and turn it into a random group before transmitting them on the internet.


PureVPN offers the most comprehensive range of protocols to suit all your needs. PureVPN has a variety of protocols that range from PPTP (best for streaming/worst for security) to L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2 and SSL-based OpenVPN protocol with up to 256-bit of data encryption (best for security/not so good for streaming). These protocols are easily accessible using customized PureVPN dialer for different operating systems.


OpenVPN is an open source data tunneling technique for creating secure  connections with all devices and mobile platforms. It also allows you to bypass NAT firewalls to block access to a long list of websites. PureVPN offers OpenVPN that uses SSL-based 256-bit data encryption for complete data privacy and protection.

99.99% Uptime

Just try the PureVPN 3-day FREE trial and after using the service, you will see it  with yourself that our confidence is not misplaced!

PureVPN servers are guaranteed with 99.99% uptime on all services. Thus, you can assure that PureVPN will continue to protect your data and will always give you access to your  desired websites.

Internet Kill Switch

When your internet gets disconnected even for a few seconds, hackers are given opportunity to break through. This is because those few seconds of disconnection and reconnection means your VPN and your real ID is exposed.

With the internet kill switch, it makes sure that your ID is never exposed. It stops all your activities as soon as the internet gets disconnected.  And when the internet and the VPN reconnect, you can go on with your activities.

24/7/365 Live Chat Support

Whenever you face an issue, you can just send a support representative a message no matter what time it is. PureVPN provides 24x7x365 customer support even in your most awkward time and you will be amazed by their responsiveness!

Smart Purpose Selection

The PureVPN's software has been designed to be as simple as possible. It puts all options on your fingertips for easy and quick operation. One of the features that make VPN operation very easy is the ‘Smart Purpose Selection (SPS)' tool.

Automatic Protocol Selection

If you want to connect to a US server but not sure what protocol to use, then choose the PureVPN software. Select the ‘Auto’ option from the list of protocols and connect to your desired server. The Automatic Protocol Selection tool then analyzes  your connection and it will automatically selects the protocol that delivers an optimum balance between browsing speed and data security.

450+ Servers in 89 Countries

PureVPN’s network holds 450+ Servers in 89 Countries that provides online freedom and choice of connectivity. Select, connect, and enjoy geo-restricted content from anywhere the world.

WiFi Security /Firewall

Public WiFi hotspots are breeding grounds for hackers and cyber-criminals nowadays. The main reason is because most WiFI hotspots are usually unsecured for easy internet connection making these hotspots to be a really dangerous place. To protect your precious data from being stolen by a hacker even when using a public WiFi, then you MUST get a PureVPN account. Once running, PureVPN ensures all your data is encoded with advanced, 256-bit encryption techniques and complex data protocols like SSTP and OpenVPN

Over 77,000+ IP’s

Without you knowing it, people or surveillance agencies and cyber-criminals are spying your online activities. To stay safe amidst this huge security and privacy threats, you need to keep changing your IP address all the time.

PureVPN’s server network qualifies for being called vast since it offers you more than 77,000+ IP’s to choose from. These IP addresses are made possible by our 450+ Servers across 6 continents. Each IP represents a new virtual identity for you. So, get PureVPN and keep all stalkers guessing about your IP address and location while you surf the internet with complete peace of mind.

Stealth VPN browser

With PureVPN, experience the new browsing freedom, security and anonymity using cloud service called Stealth VPN browser. This Stealth VPN browser gives you secure access to a private browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari, right on your device. With this special add-on, the first thing you will benefit from is its 20Mbps boost in your internet browsing speed regardless of your existing internet connection. 

Access all Servers with Any Package

With PureVPN, you can assure that you always get the best of your VPN service regardless of the package plan you choose.  Even our 3-day free trial comes with all options and its features. Try PureVPN and they are committed to give you the best service you deserve.

5 Simultaneous Logins

To ensure that it is not only YOU that is protected online, PureVPN accounts extend your security and privacy protection to your family and friends. That is why PureVPN offers 5 simultaneous logins with all its subscription plans.

This means that you can protect 5 devices with 1 PureVPN account simultaneously. It means your Windows desktop, your laptop, your sister's Mac, your brother's iPhone and your mom's ipad. You can protect any 5 devices simultaneously with just 1 PureVPN subscription

Split Tunneling

Every PureVPN account comes loaded with all possible  options and features including split-tunneling. Just open the VPN dialer on your device and access the built-in split-tunneling feature. This allows you to split your data traffic and choose which  traffic stream to ‘Tunnel’ while not tunneling the other. By this, conducting important activities with VPN protection is possible while simultaneously enjoy unsecured but fast internet speed.

VPN Software

PureVPN is dedicated to ensure your safety, no matter what device you use. That’s why PureVPN has developed custom VPN software for major operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X, Android, iOS and many more. While you switch devices and OS, PureVPN maintains your internet freedom, privacy and security.

VPN Mobile Apps

There are now more users of smartphones and tablets than PCs and even laptops. With this "gadgets" we are now able to conduct online banking, internet shopping, check email and use social media, and we must pay as much attention to their security as we did to our desktops and laptops.

With PureVPN, it offers a comprehensive solution to ensure security of your data when using your smartphones, tablets and other mobile and internet-enabled devices through the PureVPN Mobile Apps.

NAT Firewall Add-On

NAT firewall is an additional layer of security for your VPN connection. It blocks unwanted or unauthorized inbound traffic to your system or device. Most Operating Systems like Windows have built-in firewall but if you connect with VPN, it creates a tunnel between your PC and the VPN server which passes through a conventional firewall. NAT firewall protects user device from hackers. If you buy a NAT firewall add-on, it will also protect your IP assigned to you by PureVPN from hacking attempts.

Dedicated IP

Technically, a dedicated IP is a specific, non-changing and unshared IP assigned by PureVPN only to you. This means more privacy and security against identity thieves. PureVPN’s dedicated IP package has a lot of benefits as compared to shared IP. With a dedicated IP, you can access databases, servers, or website control panels that only allows designated IPs.

Dedicated Streaming

PureVPN users  can enjoy complete online freedom with its Dedicted Streaming add-on that boosts streaming speed by up to 20 Mbps. Now PureVPN subscribers can watch HD videos without suffering from frequent throttling or buffering or slow streaming and pauses. Therefore, get the Dedicated Streaming add-on by PureVPN today and enjoy the world of HD streaming!

3 Days Money Back Guarantee

Seeing a costumer leave is really a sad sight but PureVPN will make sure that every lost costumer is sent back with a smile. That is why they offer a 3-day money back guarantee. If you buy it and don’t like it then they will immediately refund your money.

If you are looking for privacy and security solutions for your online activities and transactions, PureVPN is the best way to go. Get your PureVPN for 3 days FREE using the button below.
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