Gmail launched the new "compose" and "reply" interface

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Gmail, the leader of the email technology recently launched its new compose and reply interface across all Gmail users. This new enhancements in the Gmail interface is promised to bring fast composition of message right from the Inbox, simple and clean design, and powerful innovation to allow you to check emails as you're typing, minimize drafts for later, and even compose two messages at once.

The full features of this release is available in this link:

However, several people using outdated web browsers are having issues with the new compose and reply feature. When they try to switch back to the old compose interface, nothing happens so they are locked into the new interface without the option to be able to switch back. Here is the screen shot of the link to switch back to the old compose interface:

new compose

If clicking the "Temporarily switch back to old compose" link does not work, then your web browser could be the cause of this. Here are the things that you can do to workaround this issue:

A. Reset your Internet Explorer settings to default

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, you are likely to have this issue. Please follow the procedures in the link below to RESET your Internet Explorer settings to default. After resetting, try your Gmail and switch back to the old compose interface.

B. Try other browsers like Firefox or Chrome

Download, install and use Firefox, a better, safer, faster and more stable browser. Here is the link:

To get Chrome, click on this link: