Get Microsoft Windows 10 as a FREE upgrade!

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Upgrade for free to Windows 10

The leading Operating System company - Microsoft - announced Wednesday, that it will offer free upgrades to its newest Windoes version, called Windows 10.

The upgrade will be first implemented or made available for Windows 8.1 users. The second wave of upgrade will be for the Windows 7 users.

According to Terry Myerson, Vice President for Operating Systems of Microsoft Corporation, the company will offer the free upgrade of any devices running Windows 8/8/1 to the latest stable release of Windows 10.

This is only available for the first year that Windows 10 is made available. The free upgrade will later apply to computers running Windows 7 and on Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

However, the free upgrade is only available for the first year so it is highly advised to Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users to conduct their research as early as now about the pros and cons of the new Windows 10 OS so that they can decide whether to upgrade their current OS versions for free or not.

After the one-year window, Microsoft is still to announce the upgrade price.

The readily noticeable "change" made in Windows 10 is its new Start menu, whom people using Windows 8 are complaining about since all older version of Windows before Windows 8 traditionally and classically has a Start menu. In Windows 10, the Start menu looks like a combination of the Windows 8 and Windows 7 start menu.

The start menu of Windows 10

With usage statistics, more than 50% of all desktops in the world are still running Windows 7 and almost 20% are still running Windows XP. The newer OS, Windows 8.1, is still reaching its 10% user base.