My PowerPoint 2007 presentations look jumbled when opened in PowerPoint 2007 in another computer. Please HELP!!!

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If you are using MS PowerPoint 2007 or newer, you have so many ways to create a stunning presentation. With improved interface, added animation effects and transitions to slides, you can end up with a "wow" presentation.

Ways to keep the beauty of your PowerPoint presentations when opened in another computer

But have you had trouble keeping the beauty intact when your presentation is opened in another computer?

Many people experienced this kind of problem. Their presentation was saved as a PPTX file and then send through email to a friend or colleague, but when the PPTX file was opened, all beauty was gone and replaced with jumbled text, nonaligned graphics and other slide objects.

The major cause of this problem from occurring is missing fonts. That is, that font you have installed in your computer and the ones that you are using in your PowerPoint presentation is NOT INSTALLED in the computer where the presentation is being opened. As a result, MS PowerPoint replaces your fonts with the closest match in the current system. If not the closest match, it replaces the fonts with the default system font. This explains why there are problems with alignments and other stuffs.

To resolve this kind of annoying issue caused by missing fonts, you need to "embed" all the fonts that you used in the presentation. In doing this, even if the other computers where your presentation is opened do not have your fonts, your presentation will still display normally because your fonts are embedded, that is, the font files are added to your presentation so that it will be used in case the system does not have it.

Solution: Embed your Fonts with the Presentation

To embed your fonts in your presentations, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your MS PowerPoint program then load your presentation file. When you are done with everything in the presentation, click on File => Save AS. In MS PowerPoint 2007, click on the circular Office logo, then click on Save As.

The Save As command in PowerPoint 2007

Step 2: In the Save As dialog box, you have two (2) options. First, to give the presentation a NEW name to create a separate file, or second, to simply "overwrite" the old and original file.

Step 3: But before your click on the SAVE button, click on the "Tools" combo box near the Save button. In the pull down menu that appears, click on Save Options.

Save Options in the Tools combo box near the Save button

Step 4: You shall get a new dialog box called PowerPoint Options with the SAVE tab is selected. Under the group called "Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation" check box, select the check box called "Embed fonts in the file". Then select your best sub-options below it. Then click on the OK button to sace the settings and close it.

Selecting the option "Embed fonts in the file"

Step 5: Then click on the Save button in the Save As dialog box.

Step 6: This time, since the fonts were embedded to the file, you might notice a considerable change in the size of the saved file to a bigger one. That is, when fonts are embedded, the size of the file will increase.

After the steps above, try sending the presentation and allow the receiver to open it and see if the beauty of your presentation is intact this time.

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