MS Excel 2003/2007/2010: The list of worksheets at the bottom is gone. How to show it back?

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One time you open MS Excel and by default it loads a blank workbook and three (3) worksheets. The worksheet tabs are positioned at the bottom of the screen. Then you open a particular or existing Excel file and you notice that there are no worksheet tabs at the bottom to switch between worksheets.

How to show and hide worksheet tabs

MS Excel has several options that govern how your Excel or file will be displayed. In this case above, the worksheet tabs were hidden in a particular file but Excel as a whole shows the worksheet tabs.

Screen shot of missing sheet tabs

To restore the missing worksheet tabs, here are the steps:

Step 1: Open MS Excel and load the file where the sheets are missing.

Step 2: For Excel 2007, click on the MS Office orb then click on Excel Options. For Excel 2010, click on File menu then click on Options button.

Excel 2007 options

Excel 2010 options

Step 3: In the Excel Options dialog box, click on Advanced link in the left panel. Scroll down and locate the option that says "Display Options for this workbook".

Step 4: Click the checkbox option that says "Show sheet tab". This option shows and hides the sheet tabs.

Step 5: Click the OK button and the work sheet tabs will show up.

Dialog box where you can hide and show the sheet tabs

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