How to block specific email address of specific email account in MS Outlook

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Sometimes, you are receiving unwanted emails from spammers and they are automatically detected by the email provider or your email client and went automatically to your Spam folder. However, what if you do not want to even download the spam emails but delete them automatically from your server?

How to block specific email address in MS Outlook

If you are using MS Outlook, it is very possible to do exactly just that - delete the email message automatically so that it will not even be downloaded as spam! The procedures described here, specially the screen shots are using MS Outlook 2010. But this will still work with MS Outlook 2007 or 2013.

Automatically Deleting Unwanted Emails

When you are receiving spam emails in your MS Outlook, they normally go to the Spam folder automatically. Now, if you want to automatically delete the emails without being sent or downloaded to the spam folder, you can do so if these conditions are true:

  • You know exactly the email address of the person you want to automatically block
  • You are certain that the person is only sending unwanted mails

Yes, this will only work if the email address is known. That is why you cannot do this to all spam emails since you need to pick a regular spammer. That is, the email address that regularly sends you unwanted emails.

Step 1: Open your MS Outlook 2007/2010/2013 and allow it to fully load.

Step 2: If you have multiple email accounts added to your MS Outlook, these should be listed in the left panel.

Step 3: To immediately "block" an email address, you can simply click to select the message, (not necessary to open it, just select it). Then in the Home tab or menu, under the Delete group, click on Junk then click on Block Sender.

The Block Sender command in MS Outlook

Step 4: When an email sender is blocked, all future emails from this person is automatically moved to the deleted folder.

Step 5: And if you want to once and for all delete the emails automatically from the mail server without downloading them to MS Outlook's Spam folder, you need to set up a Rule to perform the task.

Step 6: In the Home menu selected, click on Rules under the Move group., then click on Manage Rules & Alerts.

Manage rules & alerts command

Step 7: Then click Create New Rule... button.

Step 8: In the wizard box, at the bottom part, click on "Apply rule on message I receive". Then click Next.

New rule on new emails received

Step 9: Then click on the top option that says "From people or public group". Then you will notice that once the option is checked, an entry is shown at the bottom box labeled "Step 2". Click on the link "people or public group" and then select the email sender that you want to block. After selecting the email sender, it shall then be listed instead of "people or public group". Then click on Next.

Select the email sender to block

Step 10: In the next dialog box, you will answer the question "What do you want to do with the message". Scroll down, locate and click on "permanently delete it". Then you shall get a warning box, click YES to confirm the action. The option will then be checked. Click Next.

Permanently delete emails rule

Step 11: In the next dialog box asking for exceptions, just click Next.

Step 12: Give the rule a name.

Step 13: Click Finish.

After the steps above, the message sent by the selected email sender will now be automatically deleted permanently.

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