Excel 2007/2010 Power Shortcuts: Copying and working with non-adjacent cells

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One way to be more productive and comfortable in using MS Excel 2007 or 2010 is through using "power" shortcuts. They may be called "power" shortcuts because the key combination produces an amazing results that save both your time and efforts.

Excel Power Shortcuts


To Select Non-Adjacent Cells

First, you need to know how to select non-adjacent cells. It is easy to select multiple cells as long as the cells are adjacent forming a cell range. However, for non-adjacent cells, it can be tricky selecting them.

To select non-adjact cells, click on the first cell. Then press and hold the CTRL key. Then click on other cells in the worksheet while the CTRL key is still pressed. This will create a nan-adjacent cell selection like this:

non adjacent cells

While the CTRL key is still pressed, clicking on other cells will simply select the cells. When CTRL key is released and you click on any cell, the multiple non-adjacent selection will disappear. So make sure that the CTRL key is kept pressed as you are trying to select any cells until you are done.

What is the purpose for this multiple non-adjacent selection?

Suppose you need to select all cells containing 26 and replace it with 62. Normally, you will click on each cell containing 26 and then enter the new value then press Enter. Then do the same steps in all occurrences of 26.

Another option is to Find & Replace. Find the cell containing 26 then replace it with 62.

Using the non-adjacent selection method, you can select all non-adjacent cells. Then type in the new value, 62 in this sample. It appears that you are entering the value only to the cell that you last clicked. After entering the value, press and hold CTRL key then press Enter. All cells will now contain 62.

Sample of Excel

This power shortcut will surely save your time.

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