Excel 2007/2010 Glitch: All Files Now Open as Blank

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If you have been using Excel 2010 or 2007 for some time, you might have encountered this Excel problem scenario. If not, watch out since you may encounter it any time. The problem is, out of the blue, all the Excel files now open as blank. How to resolve this glitch?

Excel glitch: all files now open as blank

This is indeed a glitch of some sort since their are no specific setting changes that cause the problem to occur. Also, this happens to few people only using the same version of MS Excel.

If you are troubled by this problem now, which is why you might have visited this site, then here are few easy steps to correct the problem:

Step 1: Open any existing Excel file to launch MS Excel 2010

Step 2: The whole spreadsheet may appear blank at this time since you are experiencing the glitch. Click on the View menu.

Step 3: Under the group called Window, click on the "Arrange All" button.

Excel 2010 View menu - Arrange All

Step 4: In the Arrange Window dialog box, select "Cascade"

View - Arrange All - Cascade

Step 5: Then click OK

Step 6: The data in the worksheet must be shown this time.

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