Why is "wrap text" not working in MS Excel?

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Wrap text in Excel

Especially for new Excel users, formatting an Excel spreadsheet is a real challenge. The reason for this is because it is hard to work with cells especially establishing the of the contents across the page. However, if you use and work with Excel very frequently, formatting will be easier and fun.

One way to format a cell in Excel is using the "Wrap text" button. This will cause the formatted cell to automatically resize its height to fit its content. But what if, you have a cell that contains a long text but when "Wrap text" is clicked, nothing happens?

There are few conditions for text wrapping in cells to function. This includes:

  1. The cell is NOT a merged cells. This means that, when your cell is a merged cell and you use the "Wrap text" button, its height will not automatically increase to fit its contents.
  2. The cells row height is NOT previously changed.

How to Fix if Cell Wrapping is Not Working

Based on the conditions above, you just need to check for two things if your cell is not wrapping its contents.

First, check if it is a merged cell. If it is, then UN-MERGE it and then re-apply the text wrapping.

Second, if the cell is not merged, then the only reason why text wrapping is NOT working is because the cell's height must have been previously changed. Here are the steps to resolve this kind of scenario:

  1. Click on the problem cell.
  2. In the Home tab/menu, under the Cells group, click on Format.
  3. In the pull-down menu, click on AutoFit Row Height
    AutoFit Row Height command

  4. That should resolve the text wrapping issue.

Another quick way to perform an AutoFit Row Height command is to double-click on the bottom border of the row that you want to autofit or resize. For instance, if you are trying to resize the height of row 1, you just need to double-click the border between row 1 and row 2 as shown below:

Autofit by double clicking the border line