MS Excel Tips & Tricks: Top 5 Excel Shortcuts

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Using shortcuts in MS Excel
It is undeniable that MS Excel is one of the widely used software in the world whether at home or at work. And if you are one of the millions of Excel users, depending on the level of your expertise, you might find keyboard shortcuts as the best way to work faster in MS Excel and even in other software.
If you are using Windows, (or even Mac), there are several sets of keyboard shortcuts that will work across any programs. For instance, Copy shortcuts is Ctrl+C and Paste shortcut is Ctrl+V. This will work normally and basically regardless of what program you are using in Windows. But there are also shortcuts that are program specific, that is, they only work inside a specific program. 
In the video below from, it will discuss and describe in details 5 top keyboard shortcuts that  every Excel users should know. Of course there are hundreds of Excel keyboard shortcuts out there but these 5 should be real helpful if you can try them and familiarize them in your own Excel installations.

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