How to Reset MS Word Settings to a Working Defaults

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Resetting MS Word settings

Microsoft Word is another bit of software that is usually and easily messed up with the installation of other programs that integrate with Microsoft Office, like plugins and add-ons, and with the changes done manually in the programs settings. When MS Word settings are messed up, you will then find it hard to work on any document because of the erratic behavior of the MS Word program.

In any event that your MS Word behaves erratically, the very first thing to try to resolve the issue is to reset the user options and registry settings in Microsoft Word. The following procedures will work with the following versions of MS Word:

  • Microsoft Word 2010
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Microsoft Word 2002
  • Microsoft Word 2000
  • Microsoft Word 2013

How to Reset User Options and Registry Settings in MS Word

The easiest way to do the reset and the restoring of registry settings is by using the Microsoft FixIt tool. Simply click on the appropriate FixIt link below:

For Windows 8 users

Microsoft Fix it 25011

For Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2003

After clicking on that link, download and save the MicrosoftFixit50599.msi file and then run it. It will automatically perform the diagnostics and repair of your MS Word by resetting the user options and registry settings.