How to extract whole numbers from decimal digits in Excel

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In daily spreadsheet tasks, you will encounter various types of data. Suppose you have a column of numeric data of formatted in 3 decimal points like the table below:

Decimal column

Suppose you need to use the WHOLE number parts of the data in column C (Average) in the table above, how would you do it?

Using the Round Function

If you vaue the decimal digits of your data and want to include them in the computation of the resulting whole numbers, you need to use the ROUND() function. In Excel, the ROUND function has this syntax:

ROUND(number, num_digits)


  • number    (Required) The number that you want to round.

  • num_digits    (Required) The number of digits to which you want to round the number argument.

Round to whole numbers

Using the INT Function

In the event that you only need to take or extract the whole number parts of the data and disregard the decimal digits, the INT function is the solution. The INT function has this syntax:



  • Number    (Required) The real number you want to round down to an integer.

When using the INT function in the sample table above, here is the results:

Disregard and drop decimals