How To Extract Embedded Images from a Word Document

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How to extract embedded images in Word

You might have come across a situation wherein you embedded images in an MS-Word document, images of any type -- BPM, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. When these images are embedded in a Word document, even if the original images are deleted, they will still show up in the Word document.

This happens because when they are embedded in a document, MS Word will no longer "reference" to the original file and location to render the images. They are all stored as "copy" of the original images and bundled or packed with the document file, be it a .DOC or .DOCX file.

Supposed you have a Word document with lots of embedded images in it. And you want to extract the individual images in its original file format - JPG, BPM, PNG, GIF, etc. The procedures describe below will help you do just that. These will work in any version of MS Word in either Windows or Mac.

How to Extract Images Embedded in a Word Document

The process is straightforward. In gist, you just have to SAVE AS the Word document as an HTML file and all images will be stored in an accessory folder.

  1. Open your MS Word program and then open or load the file with the embedded images that you want to extract.
  2. When the file is fully opened or rendered in MS Word, you need to SAVE AS the file converting it to an HTML file. To do this, click on File menu or the MS Office Orb button, then click Save As.
  3. Type the file name of the HTML file or leave it as is. Then in the Save as Type box, scroll down and select Web Page.
    Save As Web Page
  4. Click Save.
  5. Then Word will change the file layout to reflect the new HTML contents.
  6. Close MS Word and then locate the folder where you saved the HTML file.
  7. In that same folder, you will see a folder named like the original Word document but appended with _files. For instance, my original Word file is sample_doc_with_images.docx, the resulting folder is sample_doc_with_images_files. See screen shot below:
    Embedded images location
  8. Open this folder and you shall see all the images embedded in the document.

Following the steps above, you shall be able to collect or extract the images that you once embedded in your MS Word document. For question, please feel free to comment below.