How to Defragment Drive C

As your computer is used, many times data are written to your hard disk drive. These happen when you create a file and save it to your hard drive, when you copy files from external drives like portable hard disk drives or USB Flash drives, when you download files from the internet, and many other sources.

On the other hand, many times data are also removed or deleted from the disk drive. These happen when you delete a file or files and moved them to your Recycle Bin, when you empty your Recycle Bin, or when you uninstall programs.

How to Run Check Disk to Repair your Hard Disk Drive

Sometimes your Windows may crash giving you a blue screen or it can just restart immediately without you doing anything in your computer. Windows can also be faulty in a sense that loading of files or opening certain programs can take too long than normal.

In this case you can run a Check Disk on your hard disk drive to allow Windows to check the consistency of your hard disk drive and repair error automatically. Here are the procedures in a Windows 7 computer. Older versions of Windows like XP and Vista have the same procedures.

How to Import Bookmarks to Chrome

When you are using other web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or others, you might have bookmarked certain websites or web pages for future reference or viewing. These bookmarks or Favorites are only available to the web browser that you are using when you did the bookmarking or adding to Favorites. That is, when you are using Firefox, all bookmarks are only present in your Firefox browser. The same thing is true when you are using other browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, or others.

How to Clear Browsing History in Google Chrome

Sometime, when your Google Chrome browser is acting faulty, like when it is too slow to load or when some sites won't load at all,please try to use other browser like Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer and see if the said site or sites are working. If they do, then the problem is NOT with those sites, but with your Google Chrome browser.

How to Reset Internet Explorer

Since Internet Explorer is intertwined or part of any Windows computers, most of the times, installation of Windows updates and any other system changes affect the behavior of the Internet Explorer (IE) web browser. Also, as you are using the IE browser, accumulated "temporary internet files" and installed plugins or add-ons cause IE to break and become utterly useless.

In this case, the very first step to resolve the issue is to reset the IE settings back to defaults. Here are the steps:


IE Reset: Option 1 (if IE still opens normally)


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