Free tools to test the speed and response time of your website

Do you have a live website or are you maintaining one? It is indeed exciting to see your website launched live in the internet for all the people to see. It is the product of creativity combined with passion in the things that you want to share with the world. But how do you keep your website fast in serving the pages that your visitors requested?

Optimizing your website for speed

Phoenix BIOS password removal and recovery

It is truly frustrating when you are locked out from a password-protected system because you have forgotten the password. A BIOS password is no exception. If you have a Phoenix computer system and you have forgotten your BIOS password, it is not the end of the world. This article describes how you can unlock your Phoenix BIOS using available tools.

How to unlock Phoenix system BIOS password

Toshiba BIOS and HDD password removal and recovery procedures

If you have a Toshiba computer and it is locked or protected by a BIOS password or a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) password, there is no problem as long as you are still able to remember the password. This is a security feature of computers but when you forgot the password, it is also a nightmare.

Toshiba BIOS and HDD unlocker

HP BIOS and HDD password removal and recovery

If you have an HP computer, either it is a desktop, laptop, netbook or ultrabook, it is indeed a huge problem is you forgot your computer's BIOS password or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) password. The BIOS is password-protected for the purpose of restricting changes in your BIOS settings. On the other hand, the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is password protected to prevent the computer from being used by anyone except the owner who created the HDD password.

HP hard disk drive and BIOS password recovery

How to unlock user and owner passwords of a PDF file

A PDF (Portable Document Format) file is widely used today. The reason for this is because it is "portable", as the PDF file type is intended to be. With PDF files, computers, smartphones and other devices can open open them readily using a PDF reader. Examples of well known PDF reader software include Adobe Reader and FoxIt Reader.

unlocking pdf files

Dell BIOS password and HDD password removal and recovery

When you have a Dell computer and you forgot your BIOS password or HDD password, you are in trouble. For a BIOS password being forgotten, this means that you can still use the computer but you can never be able to access your BIOS settings to alter hardware behavior and preferences. In worst cases, when a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) password is forgotten, you cannot use your computer because of a perpetual password prompt.

Dell BIOS and HDD password unlocker

How to discover useful websites using Similar Sites

When you are looking for something or finding solutions to your computer related problems, you normally just Google it. However, Google search results give you random list of sites ranked in the order Google thinks they are relevant to your needs. This is indeed an intelligent search ranking to ensure that you will get what you really want for your search.

Discover Similar Sites

How to clear Firefox browser history and cached data

If you are using the Firefox web browser, that is a good decision. Firefox is faster, more lightweight and more secure and stable compared to other web browsers. However, as you use Firefox, it also accumulate unwanted data, usually called "cached data" that you can get rid off. Though cached data are useful to make your browsing faster, as it accumulates, it can also cause problems with your internet browsing. This is because a lot of outdated cached data could have occupied more space causing Firefox to slow down instead of getting faster.

How to recover desktop or laptop BIOS password

You were tweaking your system BIOS configuration to maximize your hardware component performance. You decided to password-protect the system BIOS so that only you can access it since you firmly believe that only you shall be able to access it since critical changes in the BIOS may harm your computer system. That was a good intention.

However, after several months, you have forgotten the BIOS password and you are now unable to access it for further changes and hardware configuration. What shall you do then?

How to share your screen for technical help using screen sharing tools

I do technical support every day helping people solve computer problems of various sorts. The process is that they describe their problem in a thread like forums, then I provide step-by-step procedures that they can follow on their problem computer to resolve the problem. This process is so tedious especially the volume of problems reported and the amount of typing required to simply describe the procedures to correct the issue. In most cases, to best help these people, I even need to duplicate the issue, come up with screen shots so that they can relate to the solution process.


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