How to block ads in the right side of Yahoo Mail

Remove Yahoo Mail ads

Millions of people use Yahoo! Mail and its other email infrastructure like SBCGlobal, ymail, and others. Yahoo! Mail is a full-featured email service used by a lot of people because it is reliable, and most importantly, like other email providers, it is free!

As part of this free email service, Yahoo! place a block in the right hand panel of the page for advertisement. It is just reasonable for Yahoo! to do that (placing ads) to moneytize their free service since they need to maintain a very expensive email infrastructure for free use of the public.

How to Stress Test your Graphics or Video Card

asus video card

If you are consistently getting the annoying BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) on your Windows computer, especially when playing your favorite games, this can mean two (2) things. First, the game program itself could have crashed. Second, the graphics card could have crashed or failed with the load it has with the running game software.

How to fix sec_error_revoked_certificate when viewing websites with Firefox

Secure Connection Failed

I usually use Mozilla Firefox 99% of the time in browsing websites. Google Chrome and Safari are just my alternate browsers. Recently, when I was trying to access my online bank account, I am confronted with an error page saying "Secure Connection Failed".

At first I thought the banking site was temporarily down as I got an email notification few days ago about some scheduled downtime. So I checked that said email only to find out that the scheduled downtime was already 3 days ago. The site must be up already!

How to Test Your Computer's Memory (RAM) for Problems in Windows 8/8.1

Checking computer memory

If you are using a Windows computer (Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8) and you are getting this BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) on occasions, then one of the possible causes is a failing hardware component, especially the Random Access Memory or the so-called RAM.

How to Block Pop-up Windows in Mozilla Firefox

pop-up free Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used web browser in the world. Besides from being free, it is fast, reliable and is supported by several functionality expanders called plugins or add-ons which like Firefox, are also free.

Even if Firefox is a stable and always up-to-date browser, it is still prone to the attacks of malicious websites. Most attacks are in the form of unwanted advertising through pop-ups. In order to protect your Firefox browser from these annoying pop-ups, you can configure it to block all pop-ups and just add an exception to legitimate websites.

How to Block Pop-up Windows in Google Chrome

Preventing pop-ups in Chrome

There are thousands of websites out there that contains malicious contents and serve unwanted and annoying advertisements. To protect you from being a victim of these sites, you can enable Chrome's pop-up blocker.

How to Check if Others Are Using Your Images Online; #3 can be very useful

finding similar pictures

The internet is multimedia rich. Videos, audio recording, and photos abound. If you bought a picture online, how can you ensure that NO ONE is using your picture without your permission? How would you even find out who are using which pictures?

How to View Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Reveal password stored in Chrome

When you are using a web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and many others, you are saving some important information about you and your identity. These information are stored on cookies and internal browser system database so that your browsing experience will be fast and efficient. These are the same information that hackers exploit to hack email account and even banking or financial accounts.

How to Improve Your Site's Search Ranking with Directory Listing

Verified Safe Websites Directory Listing

If you are managing or maintaining a personal website like a blog, or even a company's website, the look and feel of your website is one thing and spreading the news that your website exists is another thing. All people who are trying to find something online simply perform a search using keywords that pertain to that something they want to locate. This is why search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing are very popular.

How to Set a Default Site URL for Every New Tab in Google Chrome

How Chrome's new tab looks

Have you been using Google Chrome when you browser websites or emails? Indeed, Chrome is one of the widely used and the fastest web browser that is free from Google. Besides being free and fast, it has cool features and add-ons to make your web surfing a better experience.


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