Windows 7 + WP Office X3 Issue: Quattro Pro loader stopped - Runtime Error - Abnormal program termination

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If you are using WordPerfect Office X3 in a Windows 7 computer, there is a chance that you encounter a problem opening your Quatrro Pro software. It may work in its first instance, but after several opening attempts, it may generate a runtime error.

Quattro Pro generating runtime error in Windows 7

If you are getting this runtime error when you open or launch Quattro Pro with a message like "Run time error - Abnormal program termination.", please do the following steps to resolve the problem and to get Quattro back to work:

Step 1: Click Start => Search. In the Search box, type: regedit

Step 2: Press Enter key to launch the Registry Editor.

Step 3: Locate the following string:

HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Corel\User\Assistant\13\Recent Work\Quattro Pro\

Step 4: Right click the "Quattro Pro" folder, and then "Delete".

Step 5: Close the Registry Editor.

Step 6: Launch Quattro Pro. It shall open normally this time.