Toshiba BIOS and HDD password removal and recovery procedures

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If you have a Toshiba computer and it is locked or protected by a BIOS password or a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) password, there is no problem as long as you are still able to remember the password. This is a security feature of computers but when you forgot the password, it is also a nightmare.

Toshiba BIOS and HDD unlocker

With BIOS passwords, you might not need them unless you need to access your BIOS settings and make some changes. But with HDD passwords, you need it or else you can't use the computer. Unless you are able to recall the forgotten password, your computer will not be unlocked!

However, for most Toshiba computer, they are supported with a master password. This is where BIOSHELPER.COM will be helpful. Unlike what its name says, besides unlocking BIOS, they can also unlock Hard Disk Drive passwords.

With BIOSHELPER.COM you can submit a master password request for Toshiba computers. The direct link is below:

In the link above, simply enter the hash code or disable code displayed in your Toshiba computer screen. The screen may show it as "Disable Code", "Password Hash", Serial Code or Unlock Code. You will get this code when you enter a wrong password in the locked computer for three (3) times. Make sure also that you enter the code correctly so that the generated master password will successfully unlock the computer.

More importantly, enter your valid email address in the request form. This is where the staff at BIOSHELPER.COM will be sending your master password.

The site charges a minimal amount to generate your master password and send to your email address that you specify in the request form. However, just recently, in answer to several requests, they also enabled a donation payment for those who are reluctant to pay for the service because they don't trust that their computer can be unlocked but are willing to try the service.

Though the site offers refunds for unsuccessful cases, you can use the donation box to request a master password. People who paid through the DONATE button will still receive their master passwords but those who paid the whole service will be prioritized.