Phoenix BIOS password removal and recovery

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It is truly frustrating when you are locked out from a password-protected system because you have forgotten the password. A BIOS password is no exception. If you have a Phoenix computer system and you have forgotten your BIOS password, it is not the end of the world. This article describes how you can unlock your Phoenix BIOS using available tools.

How to unlock Phoenix system BIOS password

Like many other computer systems, Phoenix computer systems, when locked out due to forgotten BIOS passwords, will prevent you from accessing the hardware configuration interface through the BIOS since it will be prompting for a password that you cannot provide since you have forgotten it.

In order to unlock your system BIOS or hard drive security, it is highly recommended that you use BIOS HELPER. front page

BIOS HELPER is the leading and so far the cheapest BIOS and Hard Disk Drive master password generator across the planet. They provide master passwords to unlock almost all brands and models of laptops and desktops at a reasonably cheap cost.

They offer master passwords for the following brands:

For Phoenix computer, click on this link to redirect you to the request form:

The Request Submission Process

In order to request your master password to unlock your Phoenix computer, you need to submit a master password request form using the link shown above. You need to provide critical information that will be used to generate your master password.

In the locked or problem computer, please enter a wrong password for three (3) consecutive times. After that, you shall see on screen a hash code or disable code as shown below:

System disable message for Phoenix

Please provide the disable code or hash code in the form, enter the make and model of the computer, then enter a valid email address. After initiating payment through Paypal, BIOS HELPER will then receive the information and then generate a MASTER PASSWORD for you. After few moments or hours, your master password will then be sent to the email address that you entered. Use the master password to unlock your computer.