How to use HostGator Coupons for Maximum Discount

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Save with hostgator hosting coupons

One of the widely used and trused hosting company in the world is HostGator. Today, it has powered several millions of websites: corporate sites and portals, blogs and other online stuffs. If you are considering getting or subscribing for a hosting account, I highly recommend HostGator

There are several hosting options that you can consider. They are not just with HostGator, they are also available in other hosting companies. They are shared hosting, dedicated hosting and reseller hosting. In either hosting options that you may be interested in, these coupons will surely give you huge savings!

Which HostGator Coupon Can Give the Biggest Discount?

These are the widely used Hostgator coupons and they are still working today (they never expire) in giving huge discounts to your hosting account subscriptions:

techforum25 takes 25% OFF your hosting subscription

techforum25 coupon code takes 25% OFF your subscription cost. However, this only works once as HostGator does not provide renewal coupon codes. The trick is, if you subscribe for a long-time duration like 2 or 3 years, the fee could be higher so getting 25% OFF that fee is bigger than flat $9.94 discount.

The following are other HostGator coupons that takes 25% OFF your subscription fee:




This is how your checkout page looks like when you use the techforum25 coupon code - 25% OFF your first bill:

techforum25 discount coupon in action

There is another coupon code that strips off a fix amount of your first invoice. It is the $9.94 OFF code techforum994.

techforum994 takes $9.94 OFF your order

This code is very beneficial if you plan to test a hosting account only and pay for the first month. This means, the initial bill is small and $9.94 is taken off, you shall end up getting a 1 cent hosting plan! See the actual coupon code in action:

techforum994 coupon code in action

The following are the other coupon codes that also take a fix $9.94 OFF your first invoice:




For a detailed procedure as to how to use coupons in your HostGator purchase, please check this link.


If you are just testing the waters and you want to get a one-month hosting subscription, then the $9.94 OFF coupons are the best option. It will give you a 1 cent hosting account! But if you plan to subscribe for a year or more, you will get a bigger discount by using the 25% OFF coupons.

If you have questions, please feel free to comment below.