How to Stress Test your Graphics or Video Card

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asus video card

If you are consistently getting the annoying BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) on your Windows computer, especially when playing your favorite games, this can mean two (2) things. First, the game program itself could have crashed. Second, the graphics card could have crashed or failed with the load it has with the running game software.

Since there are several other factors that could have caused the BSOD that you are experiencing, you can isolate the graphics card issue by doing a stress test of your graphics or video card. During the stress testing, if you are getting on-screen-errors or when BSOD is triggered, it simply indicates that the BSOD is caused by your video card drivers or software. In which case, you will need to uninstall your video card graphics drivers and then download and install the latest and stable release of the drivers. You need to download your drivers from the website of your video card manufacturer.

How to Stress Test your Graphics Card

You can use benchmarking software to stress test your computer components. For video cards, you can use the 3DMark benchmarking software.

3DMark benchmarking

The process will push loads on your graphics card thus stress it. If the video card is overheating or at some point failing under load, that is the time that you will see graphical problems or even flickering of your screen or crashes. Eventually, if you see the blue screens while running the benchmark, it is conclusive that the video card is causing your BSOD problems.