How to speed up your computer's startup time

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Sometimes, you might notice that as you use your computer through time, it will eventually slow down. This is noticeable at startup and also noticeable when you work with several software at the same time.

Though Microsoft Windows is built with multitasking capability, coupled with fast hardware technology, slowing down of your computer occurs for many reasons:

  1. Your computer could have been infected with a malware or worm that runs unwanted processes in the background choking your system by taking up much of your system resources (How to keep your system malware-free)
  2. Tons of unwanted files, registry errors, temporary internet files, orphaned files (files left after removing a program or software) could have been accumulated (How to cleanup these unwanted files)
  3. Windows file system could be non-continuously written in your hard disk drive (How to defrag your drives)
  4. Several programs could be set to start when Windows starts

This article shows how to speed up your computer's startup time by disabling the startup programs and services.

  1. Click Start (Microsoft Orb) => All Programs => Accessories => RUN
  2. Another way to bring up the RUN box is to press the Windows logo key then press R (Win key + R)
  3. In the RUN box, type: msconfig
  4. Click OK or press Enter key
  5. The System Configuration dialog will show up. Click on the Startup tab then scroll down and click to UNCHECK all items that you know you can manually open when you need them. Fore instance, Skype and Yahoo Messenger. The default installation for these messaging software will allow them to start when Windows starts. Click on UNCHECK them or the similar items to DISABLE them from starting automatically when Windows starts.
  6. Click Apply
  7. Click the Service tab
  8. Click to check the option "Hide all Microsoft services"
  9. Then you will see all third party services. You can UNCHECK them all to disable them or leave the others that you know you need
  10. Click Apply
  11. Click OK to close System Configuration dialog
  12. Restart the computer and see if it improved the boot or startup speed