How to Improve Your Site's Search Ranking with Directory Listing

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Verified Safe Websites Directory Listing

If you are managing or maintaining a personal website like a blog, or even a company's website, the look and feel of your website is one thing and spreading the news that your website exists is another thing. All people who are trying to find something online simply perform a search using keywords that pertain to that something they want to locate. This is why search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing are very popular.

These search engines use robots or bots to crawl every website in the cyberspace and dump and store the indexed data into their huge database scattered across geographic locations in the world. As a website owner, you just make sure that you allow these legitimate search engine bots to crawl and index your website so that your website will appear in their search results. This will actually happen without you, the webmaster, doing anything from your end. However, if you want to boost and position your site at the top of the search results, you need to do something called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

As Google puts it, content is king. This means that your website or blog must contain something that your possible visitors will need so that it will be easier for Google or other search engines to display your website links when someone is search for your contents. Google is very good at that with each new Panda algorithm - ensuring that the person searching in Google will really find what he is looking for.

Using Online Directory Submission To Boost SEO

Given a good flow of your website contents, another practical way to legitimately improve your website's visibility among search engines is to submit your link to free and/or paid web directories. For this article, we feature Verified Safe Websites online directory listing. This online web directory offers free listing and a premium or paid listing package with several benefits in terms of boosting your site's SEO.

Free listing versus premium listing

Free Listing Submissions

As with most web directories that offer free listings, a website is listed in certain criteria with limitations. These limitations include (1) the minimum description length, (2) maximum description length, (3) number of keywords, (4) thumbnails and image attachments, and (5) the amount of time that the submitted links are retained in the directory.

Since free listings are taking up disk space and bandwidth in the server, these limitations are set in place.

For the Verified Safe Websites online directory, listings are still verified manually by staff editors to ensure that the submitted sites abide the terms and conditions for submission specially the security clause of the terms and conditions.

Premium Listing Submissions

As compared to free listings, premium listings in the Verified Safe Websites online directory do better in terms of Search Engine Optimization, thus helping your listed site to perform better among search engines especially Google, the world's number 1 search engine.

Among the several benefits of premium listings include (1) more site or link exposure in the social media, (2) more site or link exposure among search engines, (3) longer website description to incorporate your targetted keywords, (4) annual or lifetime listing, and (5) more exposure in the site itself.

Why List Your Site at Verified Safe Websites?

There are several reasons why you consider listing at Verified Safe Websites for free or for a minimal fee. In either listing package you pick in linking your site to Verified Safe Websites, you shall somehow enjoy these benefits:

Listing Features

  1. More search engine visibility
  2. Variable keywoard entries depending on the listing package
  3. Can use HTML in posting website description
  4. Longer description text to better promote your site with integrated keywords
  5. Listings will be updated by our staffs manually to keep track of the changes in the site so that SEO will not be affected
  6. All listings are manually verified by staff editors to ensure that the submissions are legitimate (not spam) and the sites are secure or safe to visit. This will also ensure the overall health of the directory which means all listed links in the directory will get a boost in the search engine index. 

SEO Benefits

  1. All featured listings are tweeted to the directory's continuously growing followers so your homepage will go viral with real global audience.
  2. Verified Safe Websites staff editors manually verify websites before posting them in the directory, for quality and safety of content, and for proper placement in our categories. So you can be assured that your link with Verified Safe Websites counts in boosting your SEO.
  3. Verified Safe Websites automatically remove broken links to keep our directory ranking in good shape. This will ensure our listing is free from spam posts at all time.