How to Easily Share Files for FREE

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easily share your files using

We are working with files everyday when we are using computers at work or at home. And most of the times, we need to share files to people in our organization, friends and family circles.

When it comes to file sharing, the very common, traditional and conventional way is through email attachments. That is, you need to use your email to compose a message, attach the file or files that you intend to share, then add the email addresses of the intended recipients, then hit Send.

The biggest problem with this approach is that, most email providers impose a limit for file attachments so as not to clog their network. With Gmail, you cannot send attachments over 25MB in size. With Yahoo and Hotmail, 20MB is the file attachment limit. Other ISP-associated email account also observe such file attachment limit.

As software technology improves, so are the sizes of files getting bigger. What if you really need to send or share a 50MB or 500MB file to a friend or co-worker in the field, what will you do?

Here is when file sharing service comes in. The idea is simple. You upload your file or files to the free file sharing service, when completed, you will be given a download link. Now you can share this download link by any means to grant access to the uploaded file. So in the case of email, you no longer need to attach the 500MB file to your email. Instead, you will just send the download link.

The newest and fastest file sharing service that is free to use nowadays is FilesXpress. It is true to its name, FilesXpress -- the fastest way to share your files.

Why use FilesXpress?

Benefits in Using FilesXpress

1000MB File SizeYou can upload a single files with size 1Gig to FilesXpress and you can easily share them to anyone for free. Upload speed depends on your actual internet speed.

Unlimited Downloads. As long as the files still exist in the FilesXpress servers, you can download them without limit. Other people can download them as well. 

Free Membership. You can create an account for free. With a free account, your files will not be deleted automatically and you can manage your files.

5GB Disk Space. For free accounts, you will be allocated with 5Gig of storage data. You can fill this free storage with any files that you want to keep in the cloud.

3 Main Reasons to Use FilesXpress

  1. Simple & Free. Upload & download any files. It's simple & free.
  2. Share & Forget. Distribute your share links in any available means.
  3. Share Anonymously. No need to register for an account - upload your files and share the generated links!.
Give FilesXpress a try. Upload your files and freely share them to your friends! For more information about FilesXpress you can visit their FAQ page.