How to easily build and launch an e-commerce site

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With the ever advancing web and online technology, millions of people are now selling goods and services online. They are using e-commerce websites to sell online. How about you? Do you have a plan of putting up an online store? There are various ways to do it.

Create your online store easily with Shopify

There are several ways of building an online store nowadays. Each method showcases individual strengths and weaknesses but the bottomline is that your online store will be up and running for the world to buy your products and services with just few mouse clicks.

A. Using an E-Commerce Software

There are several e-commerce platforms nowadays that you can use to build your online store faster. This means that you no longer need to hire web prgrammers and developers to build your e-commerce website from scratch. So instead of paying for the web designers and developers to build your online store from the groupnd up, you just pick the right e-commerce software and then launch your site faster. Besides, these ecommerce platforms or software are already built so you will already know how your website will look when you launch it.

Using Shopify

Among the most powerful and widely used ecommerce platform is Shopify. From the name itself, it entails an online shop where online vendors and buyers meet. Shopify is a full-featured online store. A detailed review of this software can be found HERE.

As an online store owner, you just need to purchase the license or rights to install Shopify and then you can use it to launch an ecommerce site for your own. You can use your distinct domain name like or use a free domain attached to Shopify like

Powerful Features of Shopify

  • Create fully functional ecommerce site based on beautiful themes and templates designed by top-notch and world class designers
  • More than 100 professional themes and templates to choose from
  • 100% flexible and customizable; modify the look of your online store easily
  • Build and run your online store with absolute ease so you can start accepting customers in less time
  • Accept credit cards with a secure shopping cart
  • Unlimited hosting of your online store data with unlimited bandwidth and 99.99% uptime
  • Share your online store with the world with Search Engine optimized Shopify platform
  • Mobile-friendly stores which means your online store will be fully accessible by people using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets
  • Top-notch and world class technical support so that you can focus on your business while Shopify takes care of the rest

Start your online store for FREE by clicking on the campaign button below:

Launch an e-commerce site in few minutes with Shopify

Using Volusion E-Commerce

Another widely used and world-renowned e-commerce system is Volusion. Like Shopify, Volusion is is a full-featured e-commerce platform that you can  build your online store upon to get started selling in less time.

Powerful Features of Volusion

  • Robust, easy-to-use ecommerce software
  • Full-featured professional services
  • Stable, scalable e-commerce hosting
  • Highest security standards to ensure your store data and your customer's privacy
  • Real help from real people

Using Drupal CMS

Drupal is a well-known and highly flexible Content Management System (CMS) available today. It is an open-source CMS platform so anyone can build his website by using Drupal for FREE. Support for open-source systems are community based but with Drupal, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of Drupalists are sharing problems and solutions in the Drupal community. Besides, paid services are also provided by Drupal gurus that make Drupal the best CMS.

However, Drupal is not meant to be an e-commerce platform. But since Drupal is a fully modular CMS, modules or plugins have been built by the community to extend the functionality of Drupal to become a fully secure and user-friendly e-commerce platform. Among the modules that you can use to build an online store out of Drupal are the following:

Using WordPress

WordPress is a very famous blogging platform. Almost 89% of blogs online are run by WordPress. It is fast, secure and easy-to-use and implement CMS. Also, like Drupal, it is FREE since it is an open-source CSM.

Eventhough WordPress is built for simple and elegant blogging, with the help of functional plugins from the community and commercial developers, you can easily turn a WordPress site into a beautiful e-commerce website.

Here are the plugins that are commonly use to convert your WordPress site into an e-commerce site:

Using Joomla! CMS

Joomla! is another open-source Content Management System. It is free and hundreds of thousands of websites nowadays are running on Joomla!. Also, as an open-source CMS, it is supported by a huge number of community of users and developers continually sharing to improve Joomla!.

Like Drupal and WordPress, you can extend the functionality of a Joomla! site by installing modules or plguins. In Joomla!, they are called extensions. And it is also with the use of these extensions that you can turn your Joomla! website into a fully functional e-commerce site.

Here are some of the extensions that you can use to build an e-commerce site with Joomla!: